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Installing Cordova Plugins with Phonegap - no Cordova.plist
Category : Operating Systems

I am trying to install a plugin for my application (which is working fine), compiled in XCode using Cordova and the PhoneGap framework.

On the instructions of the plugin I am supposed to add a key to the Cordova.plist file but I cannot find it in my hierarchy. Here is a screenshot of the directories in my XCode project.

What is the fix for this issue?

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Cordova Xcode Build errors with cordova 2.3.0
Category : Mobile Programming

When upgrading Xcode project from Cordova 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 Build failed : 3 errors 'MainCommandDelegate' cannot use 'super' because it is a root class'

(id)getCommandInstance:(NSString*)className { return [super getCommandInstance:className]; }
(BOOL)execute:(CDVInvokedUrlCommand*)command { return [super execute:command]; }
(NSString*)pathForResource:(NSString*)resourcepath; {

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Plugin 'org.apache.cordova.barcodeScanner' not found for ios Barcode Scanner Plugin in Cordova 2.0
Category : Mobile Programming

I am trying to scan the barcode in the current project for ios. For that i used the Phone Gap plugin. I followed the link to add the files properly: Barcode Link

I added the barcodescanner.js file inside www folder of my project. But when i am pressing the button to scan the barcode in ipad 2, it is giving the below error:

ERROR: Plugin

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Cordova 2.1.0 app won't run in Xcode 4.5.1
Category : Programming Languages

I've created a Cordova 2.1.0 app it is building and running fine on simulator with the terminal command (~/cordova/emulate). However when I try to run it from the Xcode it is building fine but won't run. I am using Xcode 4.5.1.


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iOS where can i find cordova-1.8.0.js?
Category : Mobile Programming

I would like to update from cordova-1.7.1.js to cordova-1.8.0.js but there's no way i can find the latter

I followed the API Documentation on how to upgrade from 1.7.0 projects to 1.8.x but when it says

2 - Copy the www/cordova-1.8.0.js file from the new project into your www folder, and delete your www/cordova-1.7.x.js file

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can´t build cordova.jar
Category : Programming Languages

i am currently trying to get into the cross-plattform development for mobile devices with cordova (phonegap).

right now i am trying to build the cordova.jar - so i am at the very beginning.

when i run android update project -p . -t android-15 in my framework directory i get the output:


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Can't get Cordova (1.6.1) to work
Category : Mobile Programming

i'm rather new with PhoneGap, so this could be an easy problem to solve. I'm just bit distracted since I recall things to work with older PhoneGap.js versions.

I'm trying to get Cordova to work. The file is initialized properly (Object "cordova" exists in JS) and event handler "deviceready" fires into cordova-1.6.1.js (have tested with alert) but the callback itself is not fired at

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cordova app not running in avd
Category : Programming Languages

My cordova app is giving me the error: connection to server was unsuccessful.(file:///android_asset/www/index.html) on an android avd.It runs fine on my device but i wanted to test different android platforms.please help.

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Cordova and iframe
Category : Programming Languages

I have a sencha-touch application used with cordova.
all work find ( local file, local storage, ajax, json ...)

when i append to one panel a

html: <iframe src=http://foo.com>

all work find : if foo.com is accessible, the page is shown in the iframe.

But, if foo.com is stopped/inaccessible, i get a alert 'Application error'
and then

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Copying cordova 2.2.0 .jar
Category : Mobile Programming

I need the new .jar file to upgrade to cordova 2.2.0. But where can I find it?

Do I have to generate it and how?

Thanks a lot.

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