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Installing Cordova Plugins with Phonegap - no Cordova.plist
by tl1000sv in Operating Systems

I am trying to install a plugin for my application (which is working fine), compiled in XCode using Cordova and the PhoneGap framework.

On the instructions of the plugin I am supposed to add a key to the Cordova.plist file but I cannot find it in my hierarchy. Here is a screenshot of the directories in my XCode project.

What is the fix for this issue?

Cordova Xcode Build errors with cordova 2.3.0
by kharakawa in Mobile Programming

When upgrading Xcode project from Cordova 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 Build failed : 3 errors 'MainCommandDelegate' cannot use 'super' because it is a root class'

(id)getCommandInstance:(NSString*)className { return [super getCommandInstance:className]; }
(BOOL)execute:(CDVInvokedUrlCommand*)command { return [super execute:command]; }
(NSString*)pathForResource:(NSString*)resourcepath; {

Plugin 'org.apache.cordova.barcodeScanner' not found for ios Barcode Scanner Plugin in Cordova 2.0
by keyed in Mobile Programming

I am trying to scan the barcode in the current project for ios. For that i used the Phone Gap plugin. I followed the link to add the files properly: Barcode Link

I added the barcodescanner.js file inside www folder of my project. But when i am pressing the button to scan the barcode in ipad 2, it is giving the below error:

ERROR: Plugin

cordova/phonegap 2.0 iOS
by Matthiasa in Operating Systems

I get deprecation warnings for invokeString in Main and App .m files. I haven't seen any posts on how to fix this. So far it's working ok, just curious.

self.viewController.invokeString = invokeString; <-'invokeString' is depcrecated
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Cordova/Phonegap ORM?
by Anthony Perkins in Databases

Are there any ORM javascript projects compatible with Cordova, like ORMLite? I did a google search, github search, searched here, and couldn't find any.

If not, maybe it's time to start one.

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PhoneGap / Cordova 2.2
by igv in Web Design

This case is on some devices with Android and super amoled screen.

When I scroll lists, under task bar and over fixed header, and in the middle of fixed footer shows 1px line. On cordova 1.8.1 and with the same code it's ok.

Any Ideas?

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how to implement iad in cordova 1.8.1
by vferman in Mobile Programming

I'm creating an universal app using phoneGap (now cordova-1.8.1). I wanted to implement there iAd but could not find any good tutorial to do this. Does anyone know any tutorials, or know themselves, how to get iAd into an app for cordova based app? Thanks.

How to get files from a Cordova 2.2.0 app on iOS
by gorbiz in Mobile Programming

I've got a couple of CSV files that I've generated in my app, and I'm looking for a viable way to get the files to a desktop computer so some good ol' fashioned number crunching can happen. For the time being, the files have to stay CSV, as that's what the desktop application uses. I see that there is a file transfer method, but it looks like it submits the file using post, but I don't want t

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How to resume Cordova iOS app
by MikeG in Mobile Programming

I am using iOS cordova-2.1.0,jqueryMobile and html5.I have added feature of phone call inside the app,when I click on 'Phone Call' link it prompts me to call or cancel.If I choose cancel button then app resumes,but if I choose call then after ending call app does not resumes its restarts.I have added UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend in appName.plist because I want to exit the app when it goes into b

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How to Do the FMX Cordova Trick
by DeadFred in Sports & Fitness
Freestyle Motocross or FMX is a variation of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges and receive the highest score performing jumps, stunts and tricks. The FMX trick called the Cordova is considered a pro trick. The move was invented by FMX rider Clifford Adoptante around 1997 and the Cordova has been modified throughout the years to make the trick even more challenging.Diff
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