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How to Troubleshoot Dual-Core and Quad-Core Central Processing Units (CPUs)
by rpanic in Computers
Dual-core and quad-core central processing units, or CPUs, contain multiple cores, or independent processors, that read and perform program tasks. As the names suggest, dual-core CPUs contain two cores and quad-core CPUs contain four cores. Multi-core CPUs are both more powerful and efficient compared to single-core CPUs, but still fall victim to some of the same problems that single-core processo

Core Plot:Memory Issue Core animation failed to allocate so many bytes
by jasonmoo in Operating Systems

I am using core plot for generation various types of graphs using webservices.But after generating around 60 graphs the graph scren appears to be blank giving a message in the device log as "Core animation failed to allocate 9997432 bytes"
we are facing this issue only on the device where as the app runs fine on simulator.

The following is the code snippet,We are passing data t

Core Animation:Failed to allocate bytes. using core-plot on iPad
by Colorado in Mobile Programming

im new to iphone developing so please teach me on stuff that i may miss out.
so basically i have graphview.m which creates a coreplotviewcontroller.view in this way

CorePlotViewController *aCorePlotViewController = [[CorePlotViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"CorePlotViewController" bundle:nil];
aCorePlotViewController.view.bounds = CGRectMake(0,0,896,605);
Core Plot Scatterplot with bindings not shown when opening Core Data document file
by Thyrius in Development Tools & Services

I have a NSPersistentDocument-based Core Data application. There is an array of data I can edit in the document, and I want the data to be displayed in a Core Plot graph. I bound a CTPScatterPlot to an ArrayController that is connected to the respective entity.
Almost everything works: The plot is updated every time I add a new data point or edit one. So I guess I

Does Visual Studio 2010 benefit from quad core vs dual core machines? Is compilation multithreaded?
by Mansur in Network & Servers

I have a Windows XP machine with a dual core 3.6G CPU and 4megs. I am not very happy with the performance. I was wondering if compilation in VS 2010 is multithreaded and does VS 2010 benefit from switching from dual to quad core machine?

Creating animated containing circles with Core Graphics and Core Animations
by DrMrLordX in Operating Systems

I'm trying some time, but without success.
I made some circle with animation that I want. It animates from radius 23 to radius 7.

There is a code that's working fine, but without transparent circle in it.

I need help to get this "transparent inner circle" working during animation.

Some CustomLayer:

@dynamic circleRadius; // L

Cocoa 2D graphics: Quartz, Core Image or Core Animation?
by UglyCasanova in Programming Languages

I have been reading for several hours now documentation about drawing two dimensional graphics in a objective-c cocoa application. There appears to be several different technologies all specific to certain tasks. My understanding is that the following technologies do the following things. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Quartz 2D: The primary library for drawing shapes, text, and image

What Is the Difference in Speed in Quad Core & Single Core Processors?
by Per in Computers
As CPU (Central Processing Unit) manufacturers developed smaller internal processing "cores," it became possible to put up to four processing cores into a physical CPU package that had previously held only one. This improved overall performance, but not necessarily by a factor of four. Single-Core CPUs vs Multi-Core CPUsCPU manufacturers "hit the wall" around 4 GHz. At that speed, heat and powe

Is there any document to work on Core animations and core graphics in iphone sdk?
by IHateMyJob2004 in Programming Languages

I am new to core graphics in iphone can anyone suggest how to work on that and the process to go through it.Also can any one provide me a document with sample codes.

Thanks in advance.

The AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor vs. the Pentium Dual-Core
by PrinceMyshkin in Computers
The AMD Athlon II X4 620 is a desktop entry in the Athlon II brand of processors designed to supplement Advanced Micro Devices' top-level Phenom brand. It was released in 2009, coincidentally the last year of production that rival semiconductor manufacturer Intel Corp. branded its mid-range central processing units as "Pentium Dual-Core." The desktop processors of this brand consist of the E2000 a


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