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Lua/Corona - file:read(“*a”); works in Corona simulator, hangs up in Xcode Simulator
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following code:

local function loadHighScoreData()
local fileContent ="";
local path = system.pathForFile("highScoreData.json", system.DocumentsDirectory);
local file = io.open(path, "r");
fileContent = file:read("*a");
return fileContent;
local function saveHigh

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Corona: how to capture a screen in corona?
Category : Web Design

Can anyone suggest how to capture a screen in corona both full screen and particular portion of it?

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Corona SDK and starting app
Category : Web Design

I'm learning Corona SDK and I have one problem:
my applications starting twice with Corona Simulator. Is that right?
I'm creating main.lua with


and getting in console something like

Windows simulator build date: Aug 27 2012 @ 17:37:09
Copyright (C) 2009-2012 C o r o n a L a b s I n c .
Version: 2.

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How to Cut Limes for Corona
Category : Food & Drink
A frosty Corona is often complemented with the citrus flavor of lime. The classic method is to push a lime wedge into the neck of a Corona bottle so each mouthful of beer filters around the lime wedge. Squeeze a slice of lime directly into a tall glass of beer for the same crisp flavor without the difficulty of securing it inside the bottle's neck. Regardless of your preferred method, a properly s

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Corona SDK and Evernote
Category : Operating Systems

What is the best approach to access Evernote API using Corona SDK. I've just started to use Corona (I'm a Lua noob) but Evernote don't have a sdk yet for this platform...

Thanks in advance!

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Corona sdk 3d engine
Category : Programming Languages

I have been using Corona sdk for almost a year, and have a couple simple games developed. What I am looking for now is some way to create 3d illusions in Corona sdk. If anyone has any experience with 3d in Corona, I would appreciate any advice. I've tried several game engines, but they either don't work with Corona, or cost way too much. Any advice is appreciated.

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In App Purchasing in Corona SDK
Category : Web Design

i want to implement In app purchasing in my app. can you provide me a link or tutorial from which i can take help. i have no idea how it works.. thanks in advance...

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Corona inneractive ads
Category : Web Design

I want to use inneractive ads in my app. On android device when you use a full screen ad there is no skip or close button on the ad. Is there a way to create your own button, I have seen you can use the phones back button to do this but I don't want to use the back button. I have tried creating a button, but the add fills the screen and the button is hidden under the ad. Is it possible to do th

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Corona Lua SQLite
Category : Databases

this is my first question on stackOverflow.
I'm working with Corona and I'm having an issue accessing a SQLdb (I'm a bit of a SQL noob.)

I'm trying to access and return a value I've stored in the database.
Here's some code samples:

print("---------------- How I Create New Player Save Data")
local entry = [[CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS playerData (key STRI

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Corona SDK getting the name of the font used
Category : Web Design

I am having a problem, might seem like a wierd question to you, since there might not be alot of sense with it.

Anyway, I am displaying a short story on 3 scenes in a storyboard, (Its actually Fresh Prince in Bel Air lyrics, dont ask why. ;) ) which all have different fonts.

Now I want to make a button, so that when i press it, I want the application to "fetch" the curre

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