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Lua/Corona - file:read(“*a”); works in Corona simulator, hangs up in Xcode Simulator
by youtube-api in Programming Languages

I have the following code:

local function loadHighScoreData()
local fileContent ="";
local path = system.pathForFile("highScoreData.json", system.DocumentsDirectory);
local file = io.open(path, "r");
fileContent = file:read("*a");
return fileContent;
local function saveHigh

Corona: how to capture a screen in corona?
by Tanclearas in Web Design

Can anyone suggest how to capture a screen in corona both full screen and particular portion of it?

How to Cut Limes for Corona
by mckasty in Food & Drink
A frosty Corona is often complemented with the citrus flavor of lime. The classic method is to push a lime wedge into the neck of a Corona bottle so each mouthful of beer filters around the lime wedge. Squeeze a slice of lime directly into a tall glass of beer for the same crisp flavor without the difficulty of securing it inside the bottle's neck. Regardless of your preferred method, a properly s
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Types of Corona
by amiT jaiN in Food & Drink
Corona is a Mexican beer brand in production since 1925. It is the top selling Mexican beer and one of the top exports from Mexico. Although Corona Beer is available in more than 150 countries worldwide, the largest export markets are North America, the UK and Australia. There are different types of Corona beer available on the market for the global consumer. Corona ExtraCorona Extra is the mos
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How to use eraser in corona?
by Koen Willemse in Web Design

In my application i draw the line and circle.how to erase the line.Using touch function to erase the line and circle.

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How to use admob ads in corona sdk?
by knockout-2.0 in Web Design

How to use admob ads in corona apps?.i develop a game its totally free .so descried to integrate admob ads to my app?.and give example code to me

TAGS : admob corona

Lua/Corona sdk error
by Harry Truman in Web Design

I'm having this issue, and I can't find a solution:

"level1.lua:161 attempt to index global 'crate' (a nil value)"

It happens when it should change the crate position on line 161, but "centerX + (centerX * event.xGravity" does not return nil, cause the "textMessage" show the correct value.

Code below

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In App Purchasing in Corona SDK
by Igal in Web Design

i want to implement In app purchasing in my app. can you provide me a link or tutorial from which i can take help. i have no idea how it works.. thanks in advance...

How to use key events in Corona?
by tedrodai in Programming Languages

EDIT: This piece of code below is working. Unfortunately, i can't test those key events in simulator so i made a mistake and sent the wrong apk to phone. Sorry about that.

I am trying this code that is given here: http://developer.coronalabs.com/reference/index/events/key/eventkeyname

However I can't detect back key event. I tried to print event.keyName but it is not de

TAGS : events Corona

Corona sdk 3d engine
by neosephiroth86 in Programming Languages

I have been using Corona sdk for almost a year, and have a couple simple games developed. What I am looking for now is some way to create 3d illusions in Corona sdk. If anyone has any experience with 3d in Corona, I would appreciate any advice. I've tried several game engines, but they either don't work with Corona, or cost way too much. Any advice is appreciated.

TAGS : Corona engine

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