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Counteract .animate
by Andrew L. in Programming Languages

So I found some code from another member on here that was exactly what I needed, but I couldn't for the life of me find where to comment on it so asking here.

I have 2 buttons setup each one animating a div to slide down, but I can't work out how each button can reverse the animation transition.


How to Counteract Pepper
by sdculver in Food & Drink
Pepper is a staple in the kitchen and many different kinds can be used when cooking, including black, red, chili, jalapeno and cayenne, to name a few. If you added too much pepper and your food is too spicy to eat, you can counteract the heat before serving the dish to your family or guests. If after tasting the food, your mouth is burning, don't fret. You can counteract the spiciness in your mout

How to Counteract an Accent
by Braxos in Education
Whether you're an actor or stage or a newcomer to a country, you may find that you want to change your natural accent. While you certainly shouldn't be ashamed of your accent or feel pressured into changing it, there are a number of ways to change your manner of speaking. Counteracting your accent will take a lot of work and patience, but if you persist, you should be able to master it.Difficulty:

How to Counteract Too Much Cilantro
by frozentundra123456 in Food & Drink
The herb cilantro is easy to grow in a container garden or find at a local grocery store. The triangular-shaped leaves of this plant are chopped and added to dishes, especially Latin dishes. If you make a mistake and add too much of the green stuff, you'll end up with a dish that has a bitter, even soapy flavor. Counteract an overdose by adding fiery ingredients that complete this delicious flavor

How to Counteract Too Much Spice
by postino in Food & Drink
Adding spice is often a cheap, healthy and calorie-free way of adding flavor to a dish without resorting to too much salt. However, the intense combination of flavors in a spicy dish can be too much for some eaters. There are several ways that too much spice can be corrected or mitigated before and after cooking.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Add potatoes, canned tomato sauce or juice or cream

How to Counteract Too Much Ginger
by Pseudoics in Health
Ginger confers many health benefits; it aids digestion, alleviates nausea, reduces blood pressure and inflammation, and helps protect against cancer. But if you over-consume ginger (which is difficult to do), you may find yourself with more issues than you started with. While ginger helps with many digestive problems, it can also cause or aggravate acid indigestion (acid reflux and ulcers, for exa

How to Counteract Bullies
by chr6 in Parenting
Bullying is a problem many schoolchildren face. The root cause of bullying can typically be traced to low self-esteem, which causes bullies to bolster their own self-image by lashing out at those perceived as weak or vulnerable. Understanding this allows you to prepare your children to counteract bullies so the problem can be stopped before it gets out of control.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions

How to Counteract Buttermilk
by SystemOverclock in Food & Drink
When the lactose in milk ferments and turns into lactic acid, the result is cultured buttermilk that you usually find in stores. Whether you use buttermilk to drink or cook, you will recognize it by its thickness and its tartness. The acidic properties of buttermilk creates a problem when it comes to using it for baking. A solution for counteracting the buttermilk requires a little bit more of an

How to Counteract Too Much Lemon
by adapar in Food & Drink
One piece of advice that's often given to novice cooks is to season dishes with a light hand, because it's easier to add flavors than to take them out. In practice, even experienced cooks may find themselves needing to compensate for a little too much of one flavor or another. Lemons are an ingredient that can dominate the flavor of a dish if too much is added during cooking. If you mistakenly put

How to Counteract Too Much Red Pepper
by Davidpaul007 in Food & Drink
Red pepper adds a spicy flavor to meals. You can counteract the flavor by diluting the pepper with added a starch, and by adding a dairy-based product such as cheese, milk or heavy cream to tone down the heat. Counteract the pepper a sauce with too much heat by applying a quick fix, using ingredients that complement and mellow the taste of the peppers.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Thin

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