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How to Obtain a County Police Report for Broward County, Florida
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If you are seeking information about an individual or an event that occurred in Broward County, Florida, you can obtain a county police report. You can obtain a report three different ways: in person, by mail or online.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions How to Obtain a Report in PersonCall the Records Division at 954-831-8700 to make sure that the office has the report you are seeking on

How to Obtain a County Court Document in Los Angeles County
by Nothingness in Legal
The county court system in Los Angeles County, California keeps track of vital records relating to the births, marriages, divorces, and real estate transactions of Los Angeles County residents. These records are available to residents often at their local courthouses or in various archives. Residents and others may request copies of documents, often paying a fee to receive the documents in quest

How do I Request a Transfer From One County Halfway House to Another County?
by enginecrew in Legal
The Federal Bureau of Prisons informs and regulates the release of prison inmates into local community populations through residential re-entry centers (halfway homes). Not all released prisoners are required to stay at a residential re-entry facility. Released prisoners who are likely to stay at a halfway home are prisoners who have gained early-release, those needing help finding employment in l

County Laws in Arkansas for Riding an ATV on County Roads
by Mariocki in Sports & Fitness
Tune up your ATV and explore scenic trails in Arkansas including the 35-mile Wolf Pen Gap ATV trail in Ouachita National Forest. Scenic sights along the way include high mountain vistas, large pines, mine shafts, rivers and hardwoods. To get to the trails, you may have to cross some public roads and other pathways. Familiarize yourself with ATV rules and regulations in Arkansas including the restr

Colleges in Orange County and Osceola County, Florida
by Allan in Education
Finding the right college can be a long and difficult process. Prospective students must consider factors such as location, price, offered degrees and campus life when choosing a school. If you would like to attend college in a warm Southern location, a school in Central Florida's Orange or Osceola counties may be the right choice for you. University of Central FloridaThe University of Central

County Campgrounds in Hillsborough County, Florida
by pulkizine in Sports & Fitness
Hillsborough County is located in west-central Florida and offers three different campgrounds located within the county's park system. Campers can choose either a campsite tucked away in the woods or one by the beach. In addition to the variety, the county’s campgrounds are also convenient as they are open year round for a small nightly rental fee. E.G. Simmons ParkLocated in Ruskin, thi

Swift County, Minnesota County Parks
by FuzzyHornet in Travel
Swift County, Minnesota, has two county parks. A tranquil county park is located in Swift Falls, while Appleton is home to a recreation area for motor sport enthusiasts. ActivitiesSwift Falls County Park has a designated fishing area. The park contains hiking trails and is a good location to spot deer and bald eagles. Appleton Area Recreation Park provides ATV, truck, motorcycle and snowmobile

County Clerk Vs. County Recorder
by brainhulk in Careers & Job Searching
The public records of actions and transactions that require government oversight in the United States are kept and managed primarily at the county level. People who want to buy and sell property have to work with the county, just as people who want to get married must visit the county offices for proper authorization. The duties of the county clerk and county recorder include the management of the

How to Get a County Job
by Dennis Caldwell in Careers & Job Searching
Like many government jobs, getting a county job can seem to be a mysterious and daunting process. County jobs often require additional steps be taken to apply for a job that are not encountered in the private sector. Today most counties make their job announcements easily available online. They also usually require that you apply and take a civil service exam or answer supplemental questions onlin
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How to Apply for a County Job
by DesiPower in Careers & Job Searching
Finding the career path that's right for you can be a challenging task. You should consider all your options and explore all possibilities. One option you should consider is working for your local government, such as your county. There are many positions available for government workers, such as administrative and clerical positions, organizers and event planners, financial experts and supervisors
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