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How to Identify a Store Coupon and Manufacturer Coupon
by Steve Downing in Personal Finance
Knowing the difference between store coupons and manufacturer coupons can be beneficial. By learning the difference you can maximize your savings by combining the two on one product.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

A manufacturer coupon is a coupon that is issued from the manufacturer. Most of these come from the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. Y

How to customize virtuemart coupon code process for multiple coupons [comma seperated] together when submit the coupon code?
by Caleb Ames in Web Design

I am a new devloper in the virtuemart extension in joomla. We have a website for shopping cart and client wants that when a user purchase any product from the site then he could enter multiple coupons at a time and get total discount from the total coupons used. So where i could start to do to working this thing. I am using joomla version 1.5.22 and virtuemart version 1.1.3.

How to Save Money With Grocery Coupons - Printable Grocery Coupon Websites and Coupon Clipping
by dmossakowski in Personal Finance
In a tough economy, many people are looking for new ways to save money on groceries, electric bills and other utility bills, and on other items like diapers and baby care supplies, cleaning supplies and paper products. This article will focus on how to use grocery coupons and where to find printable grocery coupons online. So keep reading to learn how to clip grocery coupons quickly for maximum sa

How to Get the Most From Your Coupon
by Matthew Steed in Personal Finance
Finding ways to save money on things you need is an important part of financial survival. These savings can be used to buy other necessities, pay bills or just go in the bank for a rainy day. Coupons are an effective way to save money on groceries, beauty items and other daily items. Maximize the return on your coupons by using them in the most advantageous ways.
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How to Coupon
by ziqew in Personal Finance
Couponing is a great way to get the products that you need at low prices. If you're struggling to make ends meet, gather as many coupons as you can find -- you'll be pleasantly surprised with your savings. Don't buy something just because you have a coupon for it. You'll end up wasting money in the long run.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Get the Sunday paper and cut out every coupon that you thin
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How to Become a Coupon Mom
by chaoyi in Personal Finance
Coupon mom is a term that describes someone who uses coupons and discounts to lower her regular grocery bills in a dramatic way. The term is an homage to the CouponMom website started by Stephanie Nelson. Many shoppers take advantage of deep discounts on all kinds of products and services, such as health and beauty items, and even family trips. With the help of online couponing sites, many pe
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How to Use an IRS FTD Coupon
by Twista in Personal Finance
Most businesses are required to make federal tax deposits on a regular basis throughout the year to deposit payroll taxes, withholding amounts and, when applicable, other business taxes. Depending on your tax obligations, you may receive your pre-printed FTD coupon books. If not, or if you run out, you may request blank printed copies of the IRS FTD Coupon, which is also known as IRS Form 8109-B.D
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About Coupon Books
by the vk in Personal Finance
Coupon books are an excellent way for individuals to save money on places they eat, things they buy and attractions they visit regularly. Many of these books charge a small fee to buy a copy, while others come directly in the mail. The majority of books contain coupons only useful at local companies and void in other areas. ValpakValpack is often the first thought people have when they think of
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How to Put a Coupon Tab on Facebook
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Internet
Adding an online coupon for your business can help bring more revenue. Facebook's fan pages allow you to promote a business or service to Facebook users. You can add coupon tabs to your business' Facebook page with any of a few simple applications using Facebook Markup Language (FBML). Some apps also allow you to use HTML or just input the information for your coupon into a simple form. You can se
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How to Get AAA Coupon Codes
by Progdis in Personal Finance
AAA, pronounced Triple A, offers multi-line insurance products. The company is also known for the savings that its members receive for travel-related services such as hotel stays and rental cars, as well as discounts on many other products and services. To take advantage of AAA discounts, a AAA coupon code is requested before the discount is applied. You can obviously get AAA coupon codes from AA
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