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DIY Cove Molding
by niswilsonnissen in Home & Garden
Cove molding can be installed in a variety of places for a variety of reasons. Sometimes cove molding is installed in addition to or in place of crown molding. In other instances cove molding is installed with baseboards or wall moldings to add architectural interest. The defining characteristic of cove molding is that it is curved in a concave half circle. Many homeowners can do DIY cove molding
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How to Make a Cove Cut
by venom361 in Home & Garden
A cove cut is a trough beveled into a plank or board with a table saw. Typically, the semi-circular trough runs down the length of the wood. Cove cuts do not serve a functional purpose; they add to the ornamental value of a piece. A cove cut is achieved by setting the board on the table of the saw at a 45-degree angle in relation to the blade. The angle of the board is held in position with a jig.
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What Is a Stair Cove?
by John Tate in Home & Garden
Staircases come in all shapes and sizes; however, the distance between each stair, or the riser, is usually the same height to prevent stumbling and tripping. A stair cove is a separate part placed between the riser and the tread, or the flat part of the stair, to give the stair a completed appearance. Its concave surface also prevents you from catching your toes and tripping on the underside of a
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How to Cut a Ceiling Cove
by Marc Dong in Home & Garden
Ceiling cove is a type of molding that resembles crown molding. It is cut and installed in the same manner as crown molding. Cove molding has a concave scoop in the profile that is called a cove. If your existing woodwork, such as the baseboards and chair rail, has coves in it, you might consider installing ceiling cove. Cutting ceiling cove requires mitered corners. Mitered corners can be difficu
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How to Get the Key to the Mermaid Cove
by chadrico in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Club Penguin" is a website devoted to multi-player and single-player games. Players can test their skills against real-time players and make friends all around the world. Different areas within Club Penguin allow you to explore and play many different styles of games. One of the games, Mermaid Cove, can only be played by paying members. You must play a certain game and head in the right direction
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How to Cut Cove Molding
by patrickcarver in Home & Garden
Most wooden molding is installed against a flat wall or backing. However, there are some types of molding that get placed at the inside corner of a room, where the piece of wood will be put in place resting against two surfaces that come together at a 90-degree angle. Cove molding is of this type; you will frequently find it stretched around the perimeter of a room where the ceiling joins the wall
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How to Cut Cove Moldings
by Alexander Schuc in Home & Garden
Cove molding is most often used where the wall meets the ceiling in a home. It is similar to crown molding in design and style. Cove molding is a decorative molding that has a concave shaped and comes in different widths and lengths. No matter the size of your cove molding, you should follow the same basic procedure for making a cut. Use a miter saw to cut cove molding, and remember to always have
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How to Cut Cove Moulding
by Chris Tattum in Home & Garden
Cove moulding, which is also called vinyl cove base by some home products suppliers, is an affordable and simple way to finish your flooring installation in both home and commercial applications.
Because it is durable, water resistant, easy to clean, and has a decorative lip, it's often used in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, hair salons, restaurants or anywhere else that flat tile is typica
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How to Cut Cove Molding With a Miter Box
by beebob in Home & Garden
Cove molding, available in hardwood, softwood and composite material, is used for cabinets, ceilings and other areas that require a transition to cover up gaps or to provide additional design details. Cove is cut on a miter saw, but you will also need a hand tool called a coping saw to finish making the inside corners. Coping produces a better joint and is a little more forgiving in the installati

Cove Lighting Ideas
by Mcad in Home & Garden
Cove lighting is a method of indirect lighting which is built into walls and ceilings. The light shines directly onto the wall or ceiling providing a soft, even glow. Cove lights can be used as accent lights or for primary lighting, depending on the desired design outcome. According to phantomlighting.com, cove lighting is extremely versatile and energy efficient because of the use of LED bulbs.

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