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MVC3.0+c#+razor: How to create ONE page where posts are shown and comment create part
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a weblog with mvc. I made a database code first with EF. Now I have a page where you can see one post per page. Below I want to show all comments on the post. Thats all working fine. But now I want to make a create comment functionality on that same page.

I'm not sure how to do this? Because this has to create a new object 'comment' instead of the 'post' object

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How do I create a call back which runs after the final save in the create method in Rails?
Category : Web Design

I have the following create method for a Contact controller:

def create
puts "in create method"
@contact = Contact.create(params[:contact])
unless @contact.vcard.path.blank?
paperclip_vcard = File.new(@contact.vcard.path)
@vcard = Vpim::Vcard.decode(paperclip_vcard).first
@contact.title = @vcard.title

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create html elements on the serverside VS get data as JSON and create tags with javascript
Category : Javascript

I want to create a AJAX search to find and list topics in a forum (just topic link and subject).
The question is: Which one of the methods is better and faster?

GET threads list as a JSON string and convert it to an object, then loop over items and create a <li/> or <tr>, write data (link, subject) and append it to threads list. (jQuery Pow

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For my website, is it possible to create a button where users can click on it to create an ICON on their iPhone desktop?
Category : Web Design

User clicks the button, and an icon is added to the iPhone desktop.
If possible, can I activate this button manually?

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How to user factory girl to create associated lists with a has_many with a validation that requires it on create
Category : Programming Languages

In a Rails application, given three models User, Article and Reviewer with the following relationships and validations:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :articles
has_many :reviewers
class Reviewer < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :user
belongs_to :article
class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

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C# - MCTS - Create a generic linked list class to create a chain of objects
Category : Programming Languages

please explain what this task is about?

"create a generic linked list class that enables us to create a chain objects of different types."

Do we need to create a class of type linkedlist and implement list interface?

class LinkedList<T>:IList<T>
//implement interface methods here?

Please give example.<

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How to create components (labels) on the fly? (or how to create facebook/hotmail-style to add contacts to message)
Category : Programming Languages

What I want to do is to create something like that hotmail/facebook-style list of selected contacts.. with 1 little block and a "X" for removing each item.

How could I achieve that in .NET?

I thought of creating new labels "on the fly" and use .NET's Ajax UpdatePanel..

But, can I do it? if yes, how can i create a label on the fly, and put it just where I want

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Java ArrayList: create a copy of array and use seperate from old, but don't create new objects
Category : Programming Languages

For example, I have an ArrayList:

ArrayList<Animal> zoo = new ArrayList<Animal>();
// some code to add animals to zoo

I want to create a copy of this old zoo to new zoo, and I can use remove/add... to process this new zoo.(and of course, it will not affect to old zoo). So, I have a way that: create new zoo that clon

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Is it possible to create an IntelliJ plugin to create a new “Module Type”
Category : Programming Languages

Is it possible to create an IntelliJ plugin to create a new "Module Type", That is I want to create a new module type in a project that can be dependent on other modules of any type in the project and be a dependency for any other modules in the project, and when building the new custom module type execute code specific to the new type of module ( ie: it's custom compiler or other external comm

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“Must create DependencySource on same Thread as the DependencyObject” When Create GridView
Category : Programming Languages

I have a problem with thread.When I want set a GridView into a ListView as View in another thread.It display a message which said:

Must create DependencySource on same Thread as the DependencyObject.

// Create grid view
GridView grid = new GridView();
// Add column
// Name

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