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For my website, is it possible to create a button where users can click on it to create an ICON on their iPhone desktop?
by Funkwarrior in Web Design

User clicks the button, and an icon is added to the iPhone desktop.
If possible, can I activate this button manually?

How to create components (labels) on the fly? (or how to create facebook/hotmail-style to add contacts to message)
by ISAslot in Programming Languages

What I want to do is to create something like that hotmail/facebook-style list of selected contacts.. with 1 little block and a "X" for removing each item.

How could I achieve that in .NET?

I thought of creating new labels "on the fly" and use .NET's Ajax UpdatePanel..

But, can I do it? if yes, how can i create a label on the fly, and put it just where I want

How do I create a call back which runs after the final save in the create method in Rails?
by amosk in Web Design

I have the following create method for a Contact controller:

def create
puts "in create method"
@contact = Contact.create(params[:contact])
unless @contact.vcard.path.blank?
paperclip_vcard = File.new(@contact.vcard.path)
@vcard = Vpim::Vcard.decode(paperclip_vcard).first
@contact.title = @vcard.title

C# - MCTS - Create a generic linked list class to create a chain of objects
by Mariocki in Programming Languages

please explain what this task is about?

"create a generic linked list class that enables us to create a chain objects of different types."

Do we need to create a class of type linkedlist and implement list interface?

class LinkedList<T>:IList<T>
//implement interface methods here?

Please give example.<

create html elements on the serverside VS get data as JSON and create tags with javascript
by keyed in Javascript

I want to create a AJAX search to find and list topics in a forum (just topic link and subject).
The question is: Which one of the methods is better and faster?

GET threads list as a JSON string and convert it to an object, then loop over items and create a <li/> or <tr>, write data (link, subject) and append it to threads list. (jQuery Pow

MVC3.0+c#+razor: How to create ONE page where posts are shown and comment create part
by Excessi0n in Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a weblog with mvc. I made a database code first with EF. Now I have a page where you can see one post per page. Below I want to show all comments on the post. Thats all working fine. But now I want to make a create comment functionality on that same page.

I'm not sure how to do this? Because this has to create a new object 'comment' instead of the 'post' object

How to user factory girl to create associated lists with a has_many with a validation that requires it on create
by Javed in Programming Languages

In a Rails application, given three models User, Article and Reviewer with the following relationships and validations:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :articles
has_many :reviewers
class Reviewer < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :user
belongs_to :article
class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

How to create create variables/properties in master page, and let sub-pages access them?
by ShortOne in Programming Languages

How to create create variables/properties in master page, and let sub-pages access them?

So my master will have a string property HomeUrl

How can any page that uses the master page access this property?

How to create Custom Action in visual studio 2010 for Create Task?
by TRobison in Programming Languages

i want to create custom action in visual studio 2010,
if you know, please send example code with create task, on task changed & complete task.



How do I create a graphics banner with multiple lines in Rebol (can only create one line)?
by doctorbigtime in Programming Languages

This works:

view layout [
box white 728x90 effect reduce [ 'gradient 0x1 sky]
font [align: 'center size: 40 color: red] "Your banner text"

But how do I add other lines ?

Thank you.

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