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Missing UAC shield overlay on desktop shortcut icon when created by msi created from VS 2008
Category : Web Design

I created a setup program to deploy my VBNet program using Visual Studio 2008. Inside this setup program I created a shortcut to the "primary output" to be installed on the user desktop.

Now, everything is working correctly. The program is installed under "C:Program Files" and the shortcut is created on the desktop. Also, when I use this shortcut I am prompted by UAC to autorize run

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MS outlook Addin how to prefill From, To, Bcc on new Mail Created? Which is the event which occurs when a new item is created
Category : Programming Languages

I am developing an Outlook plug-in with which I want to prefill From, To or BCC fields when a new mail item is created. Can you point me to the event that I can use to do that and on which object. Thank you.

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Assign a string created in a function to a typedef structure array created in main
Category : Programming Languages

Alright. So I have this program in C where I take a string with arguments and values (Such as: "GO 45 STOP 15"). The goal is to parse the string and place the argument with its corresponding value into a typedef structure to work with later on.

This is what my structure looks like:

typedef struct {
char* keyword;
double value;
} parameter;

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ora-00942 i created a connection with sys as user. but any of the tables created by me when used give this error
Category : Programming Languages

p_d VARCHAR2(50);

select d.PROVISIONAL_DIGNOSIS into p_d from Patient_Diagnosis d where d.Registration_No = REG_NO;

insert into D_DETAIL( reg_no, p_d) values ( reg_no , p_d );


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In Android which is faster ui in terms of performance ui created in xml or ui created with java code
Category : Java

Can any body let me know that which is the good way of creating UI for android apps, creating UI in XML or creating UI in java code, and also will the performance of app be affected by any of these techniques.

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How can we include the files created by ajaxmin in the msdeploy package created by MSBuild
Category : Network & Servers

We use ajaxmin to create .min.js files from all our .js files. We have edited the .csproj file of the project and added following:

<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)MicrosoftMicrosoftAjaxajaxmin.tasks" />
<Target Name="AfterBuild">
<JS Include="***.js" Exclude="***.min.js" />

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Dynamically created jquery mobile controls are not created when I pass to another page
Category : Mobile Programming

I have two html files in a blackberry project. And I am filling a select menu when I pass to the other page. But when I pass that page it is not created until I make a refresh manually.

Here is inside of the js file I fill the select menu.

$.getJSON('getunits.php?cat='+cat, function(response) {
var listFrom = $('#listFrom');
var listTo = $('#listTo');

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Django pre_save signal: check if instance is created not updated, does kwargs['created'] (still) exist?
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Django's pre_save signal to implement auto_now_add. There is a lot of discussion on the internet on why you should or shouldn't implement it yourself. I do not appreciate comments on this. Neither on whether I should be rewriting the save function (I have a lot of models that use auto_now_add so using signals makes sense).

My question is:
I would like to check if the i

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Are there differences in memory cost between a view controller created in code and one created via storyboard/interface builder?
Category : Operating Systems

I'm happy with the speed at which my tabbed application is running with four view controllers created in Interface Builder with storyboard. Would it run any faster if I created the view controllers with code instead?

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How to save created pdf file to specific foler created in jsp project
Category : Programming Languages

I have created a PDF using itext and want to save in folder created under directory-/web/HR/employee_report. My problem is finding the path.

I get the path through:

ServletContext servletContext = getServletContext();
String contextPath = servletContext.getRealPath("File.separator");

and store the path in a string as:


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