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Critical Job Issues
by Kocur in Business
Critical job issues face employers and employees alike. Employers want to find reliable and talented staff members. Employees want to find a work environment that suits them and pays well. Balancing the issues of each is a tricky task. Understanding the needs of each side, however, helps employers and employees find a middle ground where they can both succeed in getting what they need most. Rec
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How to Do a Critical Evaluation
by drnickriviera in Education
Evaluating critical material, such as academic articles and books, can be a challenge for young scholars and researchers. Determining the authority of a critical source is not always simple, as students might not be familiar with many of the lesser-known scholars in their field and can encounter many kinds of research along the way. However, by examining several aspects of critical material, colle

What Is a Critical Consumer?
by Chennai in Personal Finance
A critical consumer will utilize a wide range of criteria in evaluating products--from fruitcake to refrigerators. Some of the factors don't rely simply on affordability, quality, price-to-value ratio, company reputation and guarantees but can include ethics as well. How much, if any, weight is given to each of the factors used to determine a consumer's choice is unique to the individual but may b

How to Calculate Critical Value
by OGG in Education
Calculating critical values is an important mathematical operation. As the name would imply, the critical values are usually the most "important" points on the graph of any given equation. They identify all the points at which an equation intersects the x-axis as well as any local maximums or minimums. Or in simpler terms, they are the points at which the graph of a given equation switches directi

What Does Critical Condition Mean?
by Nulq in Health
"Critical" is one of the five words that can be used to inform other medical professionals, family members or members of the media of a patient's condition. It is the most serious of the five conditions. The other four conditions are "undetermined," "good," "fair" and "serious." Vital SignsAccording to the American Hospital Association (AHA), a patient who has been declared to be in critical co

How to Become a Critical Thinker
by BSim500 in Education
Critical thinking involves the use deductive reasoning, careful study and analytical skills to solve problems or debate an issue. Critical thinking, though used prominently in philosophy and academics, can be used in daily life to make quality decisions based on rational conclusions instead of giving in to peer pressure, panic or knee-jerk responses. Many high schools and colleges teach critical t

Critical t values in R
by overst33r in Programming Languages

I need to determine the critical t values for one-sided tails of 75% and 99%, for 40 degrees of freedom.

The following is code for a two-sided 99% critical t values:

qt(0.01, 40)

but how can I determine for a one-sided critical t value?

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How Do I Determine T Critical Value?
by lm3 in Education
A T-critical value is used in statistics to construct a confidence interval, a range of values that is likely to include a parameter being studied. To find a critical value, you need to know the alpha value and degrees of freedom. Alpha ValuesAn alpha value is an indication of whether an event may have occurred by chance. An alpha value is found by subtracting the confidence level from 1, then

Critical HR Issues
by Blue in Business
Critical issues in human resources emerge from time to time in various industries. HR issues often emerge in the face of changing legislation, economic circumstances or other events. Because these circumstances are beyond the control of human resource professionals, their response to the changing circumstances can be critical to the ongoing operations of their companies. Health CareIn March 201
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What Is a Critical Stakeholder?
by Ali in Business
The concept of stakeholders is familiar to the nonprofit arena. However, commercial businesses also have stakeholders, many of whom are crucial to the operation and success of a company. Critical stakeholders vary for different industries and individual companies. Identifying critical stakeholders can mean the difference between remaining in business or being forced to close your doors. Stakeho

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