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How to Succeed in Crowdfunding Without Really Trying
by bauer100 in Business
In the musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," an average young man named J. Pierrepont Finch schemes to move up the corporate ladder through a combination of brown-nosing and sabotage. In the end, Finch secures a top position in the company. Finch understood that business success was less a matter of talent and more a matter of striking the right chords in a world ruled by soc

How to Create Your Own Crowdfunding Profile
by soonk in Business
Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a project through online fundraising. It serves as an alternative funding source that emphasizes many small donations over a few big ones. The crowdfunding process has been codified by platforms like KickStarter, RocketHub and Ulele. These and others allow you to set up a crowdfunding profile, interact with potential backers and process donations. The one d

How to Compare Crowdfunding Websites
by Cornflex in Business
Crowdfunding is a way for an individual or organization to raise donated funds for a specific project, in exchange for enticing rewards for the backers of the project. If you are considering setting up a crowdfunding profile for your small business or other project, you will need to choose a crowdfunding website. There are plenty of crowdfunding websites out there. Each has its unique feature set.

Is there a crowdfunding web service for programmers?
by CRaul87 in Web Design

Just wonder if there is a kind of www.sellaband.com for developers.

Imagine you are running a small web service as your hobby with a bunch of happy users. Now those are asking for a new feature which will take you 400$ to implement based on your hourly rate.

You want to answer: Just go to this site, invest some money in my feature fund; if the 400$ are reached, the featu

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