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“A Currency is Required if a Value Exists in a Money Field” - Default Currency Is Set
by Aires in Web Design

I'm having a serious issue with one of my managed solutions, I have a custom workflow which creates a bunch of custom entities and these custom entites have several money fields on them.

Here's what happens when I run my workflow:

Custom workflow goes into 'waiting' state and throwns a null reference exception.
Several entities have been created, but one of them has nu

Magento: Replace currency drop down menu with currency symbols to cklick on
by laptop302.vn in Programming Languages

We have a currency drop down selector in the top right of our header.
I would like to replace that with currency symbols to click on.

$ £ €

How do I convert a currency (accuracy is secondary) from a static currency (say USD) for a web app (Django Framework)?
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Web Design

I am writing a web app based on Django, and I hope to pick many of the good brains here on how I might be able to convert a price based on 1 static currency (say USD), to any other currencies?

Is there some feed or something I can parse to convert it on the fly?


Changing currency in cart column unit price excluse tax error when currency converted
by Isaac in Programming Languages

I've two store view, one in EUR (primary currency) and the other in Dollar.
Tax is 21% for both stores, included in product price.
In the cart, if I change the store to the Dollar store view, column "Unit Price (Excl. Tax)" isn't correctly calculated. It seems that only on this field currency conversion is done two times.

This is the content of the store


Currency as a Field Property Vs. Currency as a Data Type Access
by chorn in Computers
Access database software primarily operates using tables, queries, forms and reports. Tables allow for the storage of information, queries are used to manipulate and select the data. Forms and reports present a way to enter data into tables and provide a printer-friendly layout of the data, respectively. Data types and field properties serve the same purpose but are entered differently in the data

How to Include Indian Currency as Part of the Currency Symbols in Excel
by eroussel in Computers
The government of India instituted a new symbol for the nation's currency -- the Rupee -- in 2010. If you installed Microsoft Excel on your computer before that time and have not downloaded all available updates for Windows, Excel will not show the new Rupee symbol as an available selection when you enter currency values. Download and install the Windows update for the Rupee symbol released in May

How to Invest in Foreign Currency Exchange Contracts (Currency Trading)
by Matthew Steed in Personal Finance
The Foreign Exchange Market or FX market is estimated to be one of the largest markets in the world. It is volatile and risky. The basic underlying transactions in these contracts are the purchase and sale of currencies.
Spot and Forward currencies are the two types of foreign exchange contracts. Banks, brokers and other financial institutions participate in this market. Historically, the

how to get all the Currency names which yahoo Finance Currency Converter Supports
by Marc Dong in Web Design

How can i get all the Currency names or codes which Yahoo finance currency converter supports. i tried using the yahoo Query Language(YQL) with different Select statements but i didnt get.
is there any Yahoo query or is there any other way to get these currency names ? can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Java: Currency symbol based on ISO 4217 currency cod
by Robert M in Programming Languages

Below program prints the Currency symbol given the ISO 4217 currency code.

import java.util.*;
public class Currency{
public static void main(String args[]) {
Currency myInstance = Currency.getInstance(args[0]);

Problem: Works fine when the string USD is inpu

Currency formatter in android for diffrenet currency code
by rixtertech in Android

How can i display currency value followed by sign in android?

I want to display price range for various country but want to display according to currency.

In India it should shows:-
Less than Rs10 lacs
Rs11 lacs - Rs25 lacs
more than Rs25 lacs

In US it should shows:-

Less than $1 Million
$1 Million - $2.5 Million

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