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Custom WordPress Custom Post Type & Custom Taxonomy Rewrite maintaining Default Archives
by Griff in Web Design

I have a registered taxonomy (wps_type) and 2 custom post types (wps_business, wps_location) in that order. The registered taxonomy has rewrite arg set to slug => type and the post types have slug => business & slug => location already set. I need a custom smart permalink rewrite rule where all of the following are available.

Defaults Work (and still need to work):

C# Setting Custom Properties of SSIS custom data flow component through custom UI
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

I'm having a real problem trying to set a custom property of a data flow component I've created through a custom form.

The value I'm assigning is just now being set, the custom property either remains the original value or stays null.

In my TaskClass I've overridden the ProvideComponentProperties() method and I've created the custom property as shown below.

Custom NSStatusItem with custom view - Use NSWindow, NSView, custom NSMenuItem?
by cusideabelincoln in Web Design

I'm trying to create a LSUIElement app that behaves like Spotlight, CoverSutra and other apps of that type. I managed to create a custom NSStatusItem, which popups up an NSWindow but the problem is that the app that currently has focus will the focus to my custom NSWindow.

I've based myself on Matt Gemmell's example (http://mattgemmell.com/2008/03/04/using-maattachedwindow-with-an-n

custom class = custom +alloc , custom +init
by ajjaeger in Programming Languages

I'm new with objective c for the iphone.

I'm writing a custom class, then, should I write my own +alloc, +init methods?
I believe that: the +alloc will just call [thing alloc]; and the +init will perform something like: [thing setValue:X];

is there a "default" +alloc and +init methods?
if yes, what should I wait for the default +alloc and +init?, let's say i ha

Android: Custom Adapter with custom spinner drop down xml layout giving error
by GunnarHafdal in Programming Languages

I have a spinner with a custom adapter that I used to set the height of the first element in the spinner drop down to zero. I do this to have a default message in my spinner (first element) without the user being able to click it, since it's not visible.

package org.digitalhealthagency.elaj.util;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import org.digitalhealthagency.elaj.gui.R;
how to use the getAllRoles() function in sugarCRM to retrieve data in to custom php page in a custom module
by Dan Becker in PHP

Hi I have been working in SugarCRM and I have created a custom module and added a custom php file to that module. I need to display all the roles available to users to be displayed in the custom php page.

I have looked in to getAllRoles() function and ACLRole::getAllRoles(boolean $returnAsArray=false);

Can any one support me in creating these functions to work?

How can I custom order Drupal Views' groups and include custom HTML for each group?
by sham63 in Web Design

I have 6 custom content types and a View that shows the 6 types and groups results by node type.

Example: the custom content types are Computers, Cars, Food, etc. The view groups nodes by those types:

[exposed filters here]
- HP P6500
- Leveno HQ3112
- Ford F150
- GM Silverado
- Apple
- Banana

Multi-Boot flashdrive with custom Grub or custom loader (make a program)
by chuck1723 in Operating Systems

I have two operating systems, very small ones.


I also have a program made in QBasic which runs on MSDOS.

The two OS are .iso bootable, and the program is a simple .exe. I need the two OSs on my flash drive and the program also. When I boot up my PC with the flash drive on it I need to have the option to select wich OS to run, and the option to

Custom Django admin URL + changelist view for custom list filter by Tags
by Ingoschi in Web Design

In django admin I wanted to set up a custom filter by tags (tags are introduced with django-tagging)

I've made the ModelAdmin for this and it used to work fine, by appending custom urlconf and modifying the changelist view. It should work with URLs like:

But now I get 'invalid literal for int() with base 10: '

Custom RowLayout and a custom layout file for ListActivity crashing. LogCat Included
by ElMonoDelMar in Programming Languages

I am using a ListActivity but it does not take the custom Adapter and crashes when I Use it.
Code here:

package com.handyapp.filesaggregator;
import java.io.File;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import android.app.AlertDialog;
import android.app.ListAc

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