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How to customize the renders in prefuse. Problem in customize images in prefuse layout
by Jason Lin in Programming Languages

HI all,

I have written a java application to show the images in different layouts. I am able to show it different layout correctly but some times the images are overlapped. In my application having more than 20/30 nodes and couple of nodes having 6 to 10 edges. The images size are 50*50. Because of the 10 edges, the nodes will overlapped i.e images will overlapped on another image

How to Customize an M3
by walkah in Cars
The BMW M3 is a high-performance vehicle that comes in either a sedan or coupe. This vehicle can be customized in hundreds of different ways to create a unique look and improve performance. While this expensive performance vehicle does come with many options already available, certain customizations can be made, such as adding a set of rims. Performance is already great with the stock M3; howev
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How to Customize a Car in GTA IV
by Sigtryggur in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Early releases from the developers of the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series suggested that it would not be possible to customize cars in "GTA IV." The designers might have caved into pressure, or they might have been releasing misinformation deliberately. Either way, there are customization options available, although they are not as extensive as they were in earlier releases. A car's performan
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How to Customize an SUV
by HidingInABunker in Cars
SUV's have gone from being vehicles intended for practical purposes to status symbols. And just as for sports cars and muscle cars, a huge aftermarket exists that serves the needs of enthusiasts who want to customize their SUV. From a simple set of wheels to a completely remodeled interior, many choices are available. Custom SUVs are usually modified around aesthetic and comfort upgrades, with les
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How to Customize Your Own G6
by john3850 in Cars
Before the Pontiac G6 was discontinued, it was offered in three distinct flavors. For drivers seeking a sporty car, the two-door coupe and convertible were available. For drivers who needed room to wiggle a couple of youth car seats in the back, a four-door version was offered. Although there is a somewhat limited selection of aftermarket parts to choose from when modifying your Pontiac G6, the mo
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How to Customize Your Own Lei
by MikeG in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Making leis is a tradition in Hawaii for all ceremonies and celebrations. Leis are made from fresh flowers strung onto string with a large needle. Most traditional leis are made from orchids, but you can customize a lei to have any kind or combination of flowers. Use your imagination when coming up with patterns for your lei, such as school colors, your favorite color, a mix of different flowers i
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How do I Customize Ink?
by WicKeD in Arts & Entertainment
Purchasing a wide range of ink for your screen printing projects can be expensive. It may be easier to purchase basic process colors and mix inks to get the colors you want, especially when you have a small job that requires a color of ink that you don't stock. Customizing inks is relatively easy, especially if you have the ink manufacturer's color-mixing book or chart. When you don't have a chart
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How to Customize a Car
by CWC in Cars
Whether you've just bought a new car from the manufacturer or want to fix up your old clunker, customization adds a personal touch that declares your style and personality. If you're in need of a hobby, or just want to show off your ride, vehicle modification might be right for you. Although customization is an expensive process, the rewards of personal satisfaction and the admiration of fellow dr
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How to Customize a Mac
by XLNC in Computers
Macintoshes, also referred to as Macs, are a line of personal computers that are designed and developed by Apple, Inc. Macs are secure and powerful while remaining user friendly and elegant. They have just about as much personality as the people who use them. To give your Mac personality and style all you need to do is customize your Mac. Following a few steps will allow you to customize your Mac
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How to Customize CRM 4
by Tom Arleth in Computers
Microsoft's CRM 4.0 software is designed to enable you to increase the efficiency of your business with regard to everyday managerial tasks. CRM 4.0 helps track incoming emails and phone calls, make notes on customers and organize marketing campaigns. Some businesses configure CRM 4.0 so that every employee or manager in the business has a personalized account. Inside their accounts, your employee
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