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How to Become an EMT in Dallas
by Peter H in Business
Emergency medical technicians can be certified at the national level before they are licensed at the state level by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. The Texas Department of State Health Services, like many state health agencies, requires its EMT personnel to meet national requirements before being state licensed and obtaining work locally. TDSHS field offices help manage the
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How to Get a DBA in Dallas, Texas
by Al Velella in Business
Texas requires that anyone starting a business in Texas must file an “Assumed Name Certificate”. This certificate, also known as a DBA (or Doing Business As), notifies the state and your potential customers of the location and official agent (owner/manager) of the business. Anyone planning to conduct business in Dallas, must register the business name at the county clerk’s office
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Dim Sum Restaurants in Dallas
by Venezuela in Food & Drink
Dim sum is the name given to small portions of food that include steamed buns and wheat flour dumplings with various fillings. Chinese restaurants usually serve dim sum during the day, offering main meals in the evening, but many Dallas dim sum restaurants continue to offer dim sum at dinnertime. Royal ChinaRoyal China has won numerous awards, including Best Chinese Restaurant in 2003 and Best

How to Form an LLC in Dallas
by JackBurton in Business
Forming an LLC in Dallas occurs when owners of a business file formation documents with the Texas secretary of state. A Dallas LLC is a hybrid type of business entity that provides members of the company with operational flexibility in terms of choosing the company's management structure. Business owners of a Dallas LLC have personal asset protection against obligations, debts and liabilities that
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Restaurants Off I-30 in Dallas
by Joshua Johnson in Travel
Located in northeast Texas, the city of Dallas is Texas' third-largest city with over 1 million inhabitants, but is part of a metropolitan area that exceeds 6 million people. Interstate 30 is the east-west artery that runs through the heart of the city, including downtown Dallas. Numerous restaurants are situated just off the freeway, offering travelers a wide range of dining options. Twisted R

Caving in Dallas, TX
by nonkelhans in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Caves, caverns, sinkholes and springs account for about one-fifth of the state of Texas. Estimates place the number of caves in Texas at over 9,000. For those who enjoy the thrill of exploring, finding fossils and viewing the fantastic natural beauty of caves, the Dallas, Texas, area offers numerous opportunities for adventure and education. Cave ToursInexperienced cavers who want to visit some
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Art Schools in Dallas, TX
by David Marchant in Arts & Entertainment
Dallas, Texas, has art schools for those who want to pursue careers in art or just express themselves artistically as a hobby. Some of these schools have classes geared toward children, which allow them to express themselves in a new way. Other schools offer degree and certificate programs and give students the fundamentals that they need to pursue their careers. In other cases, art schools in Dal
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How to Tell If You Have a Summons in Dallas
by Puffnstuff in Legal
A summons is simply a formal declaration that you have been named a defendant to a lawsuit. A summons is a document that accompanies the complaint, petition or other legal pleading with which a defendant is served. The summons will instruct the defendant that he or she has 20 days, under Texas law, to file a response. Failure to file a response may result in a default judgment in favor of the plai

Hip Hop Nightclubs in Dallas
by rhinojosa in Arts & Entertainment
Dallas is known for its vibrant night life, and clubs that specialize in hip hop music are very much part of the scene. These clubs are often big establishments with large dance floors and multiple bars. The music is most often played by DJs in a highly charged atmosphere complete with light shows. Club PurgatorySituated in downtown Dallas, Club Purgatory is a longtime popular destination for t

Hotels Near Dallas, GA
by iamwiz82 in Travel
Dallas, Georgia lies about 30 miles northwest of Atlanta, right at the junction of Highways 61 and 6. Although it serves as the Paulding County seat, only about 10,000 people live in Dallas. The city hosts just one major hotel as of early 2011; travelers can find more lodging in Hiram, seven miles southeast of Dallas, or in Douglasville, 16 miles straight south of Dallas. Days InnThe major hote
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