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Best way to store application data when data stored and data format could change in future versions?
by allisolm in Programming Languages

I'm making an Android Java app game (although this question applies to all languages really) and hope to release the first version soon. I'm nervous about how I save data in my game. My problem is that, if in a later update, I decide to store more data or store the same data in a different way, I need to be careful I don't lose or corrupt data for users that upgrade (i.e. I want users to be ab

In web-based applications, using a data reader or a data table as a place for holding data gathered from DB?
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Databases

hi all
I have heard that in web-based applications, when we want to get data from DB, it's better to collect data into a data reader instead of a data table.

What 's your choice?

Change Shared Data Between Membership Profiles using Profile.data for all users sharing data
by Kubla Khan in Programming Languages

I have defined a profile property in my .NET 4.0 web site, let's just say it is a string[] called "words". For sake of discussion, this array is initialized programmatically when the new profile is registered. Profiles are stored in the default Membership database.

This is the desired flow:

New user Kenny registered with Profile.words = new string[]{"hi", "I'm Kenny"}

Changing data type of data grid view column after setting data source
by Virginia in Web Design

I am working in C#.NET. I have a datagridview and a data table has been set as its data source. Data table is the output of select query (sql) and there is a column named date whose data type is datetime. Now after setting data source I needed to change the data type of corresponding column of grid to string. Anyone know about it?

Thanks in advance
input data bring data from 'A' table then check with 'B' table with the data then show the data when the data not in 'B' table
by Remyx in Programming Languages

i have two table. first table name is A, second table name is B. then compare the two table with input data. input data bring data from 'A' table then check with 'B' table with the data then show the data when the data not in 'B' table.

Create .apk file data to be stored in data/data/package_name/files folder
by zokudu in Programming Languages

From my application I am downloading a few files and storing it in data/data/package_name/files folder and I'm accessing and viewing those files and I download that file once and each time I run application.

I could view that file as the data is persistent in data/data/package_name/files folder so it is not lost when session ends.

All this I am doing in the emulator. Now

Data logged to a file; how do I rotate logs and how do I parse the data to not have 'gaps' in the data?
by John Tate in Development Tools & Services

I've got a web application that, for performance reasons, throws any data sent into a logfile.

I've got two concerns with this approach:

How do I best rotate logs, in order to not lose data?
For each user session multiple requests are logged. Each request has a unique id so there is an easy way for me to tie the requests to the session. The problem is, however, that if

how to ignore / skip invalid data row in LOAD DATA INFILE while loading data from csv.
by Will in Databases

I am trying to load data from CSV file, In few date field columns data in CSV is invalid. But when i run LOAD DATA INFILE statement, it inserts NULL value in those column. how can I skip entire row which has invalid data ?

Relationships between static application data and updatable user data with Core Data
by Krysole in Mobile Programming

I am developing an iPhone application that has a large database of items which the user can mark as favorite or add to certain lists.

Currently, the SQLite file is first copied from the bundle to the document directory to make it writable and used as a Core Data persistent store. However, I will run into problems when I need to deploy an application update down the track to add extr

Large volume of data - few actions for data combinations - what data structure?
by adapar in Web Design

I am trying to figure out the best data structure to implement for this problem. I have an index file (~ 200000 records) containing Account no., Unique ID, Date, a pdf form name, Taxcode. Based on these values read from the file, I have to assign a few actions (exempt, remove, tax, etc.). Once the action is assigned, I can call the necessary method that implements this action.
The huge v


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