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Deploying azure web site locally, update-database doesn't work: CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'
by Rit Li in Databases

I have done this tutorial:

It works when I publish it on my Azure online account, and the database is running well.
But the problem is that when I followed the tutorial, it asks to do this:
1. enable-migrations
2. add-migrations
3. update-database


Database syncronization of Remote Database to Local Database and vice versa using Python
by vvv in Databases

I'd like to ask regarding syncronizing records between remote database and local database using Python program. I am just a newbie on Python Language and would like to seek assistance on these one.

If what's the process, technology and a sample for these kind of problem. I have a Website where in it contains selling products and services. Visitors may sign up in order for them to or

Cannot deploy VS 2010 database solution to database if the deployed database was manually deleted
by MD. in Databases

I am working on creating a visual studio database solution so that i could deploy databases in a more managed manner. Following are the steps that i performed after adding some sample tables and SPs in the solution.

Deploy the database to my local machine (and a new database is created).
Add some mock data to the tables in SSMS.
Add couple of columns to one of the tables in t

how to select from one database and insert into another Database in a Single query with different Database connections in php
by Kbotei in PHP
mysql_query("INSERT INTO database2.categories (category_name,description,group_id,created)
SELECT table1.name, table1.description, 12, UNIX_TIMESTAMP()
FROM GiveArang_categories Where `p_id`= '225' ");

I need to insert data into the second database which is selected from the first

Create Database in Visual Studio as a new database project and then use it as a test database
by Europe in Programming Languages

I wish to create a database in Visual Studio as a new database project and then use it as a test database to select/insert/delete/update/etc. Currently I have my program connected to the production database and I only do my testing during downtime or turnarounds. Is there a way I can manually create a similar database or copy a piece of the existing database and use that as the database that m

Is it possible to use a database link between an oracle database and a postgresql database on different physical servers
by sordumsoruyu in Programming Languages

I've trying to streamline an intranet application where some of the data is stored locally on the postgresql database of the intranet server and other related data is stored in our enterprise oracle 10g2r2 database.

What I would like to do is create a view on either database box wouldn't really matter that combines for simplicity sake one table from each database into a flat view

PHPMyAdmin and mySQL: Insert into existing database, not create new one. Error “Can't create database; database exists”
by amenx in Databases

I recently went to backup a database and got the following error "#1007 - Can't create database 'wordpress_8'; database exists".

I have the following line in the beginning of my sql file:

-- Database: 'wordpress_8'
USE wo

(database design,mysql) Is my database design good for basic shopping cart?(I new in database design)
by Insert_Nickname in Databases

I new in database design, I want to be sure that i make it well.
Please take a look for part of my database design:

My database design for basic shopping cart:

//table that holds shopping cart items that customer choose(not press checkout and order //them)
id (int)
product_id (int) fk
product_quantity (int)

Connecting to another mysql database and update database tables when other database is update
by qba73 in Programming Languages

Is it possible to connecting a remote mysql server and auto update another database in the same time?
For example my database:

Database one: user id user name pass

When adding or updating user in database two, user name in database one updates.
How can I do this if possible?
Thanks in advance

Database Design, is my database rational correct? one Primary key to Multiple foreign keys?
by Mariocki in Databases

I have an idea that i want to execute and am very rusty on my database design when it comes to the relationships between tables. I want to be able to type in 3 ingredients into 3 <input type="text"> fields and search for all the recipes with those ingredients.

i have 3 tables...


the columns that are bold are my pr


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