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Providing multi-version databases for backward compatibility for production applications/databases
by Usman in Programming Languages

How can I manage multiple versions of a database easily?

I have some data (as views as selects for data originating in tables from other schemas), which other database may reference using various means including database synonyms & links.

I wish to provide a sort of interface/guarantee in-case future for applications/databases which use this data. All of this is for

How to select databases based on users access to allowed databases?
by xetrill in Programming Languages

I have a following command that executes when you log in as administrator with windows authentication right to SQL Server 2008 R2.

var sqlAdapter =
new SqlDataAdapter(@"select dtb.name as [Name],
CAST(case when dtb.name in ('master','model','msdb','tempdb') then 1
else dtb.is_distributo

I have root access to all my mysql databases. how can i export/import all the databases at once?
by Glenntoy in Databases

I have root access to all my mysql databases. how can i export/import all the databases at once?

Good online resource for common databases / open databases?
by Zog in Databases

I am trying to find the best area to download SQL tables of common subjects like states, countries, zip codes. Maybe even public/government information like FDA or FCC information.
Does such a resource exist and is it mature?

Can a deadlock in a databases affect other databases or hung entire server?
by Maxton in Databases

This sounds pretty strange, but there is ocurring in a databases of a bunch we've got in a server, we can tell by the output on the log, but this seems to be affecting another databases, since the systems hungs when the deadlock occur.

We've identified the objects involved in the deadlock event, but none lives in the databases from the system we are using.

I still need t

In mysql, the show databases; command doesn't list all of my databases
by Mpalle in Databases

I can access all of my databases with HeidiSQL, but if I go to the mysql.exe window and use show databases; only 2 of them show up out of 11. These are all databases on Any ideas on why?

Are document-oriented databases meant to replace relational databases?
by vb.net in Databases

Recently I've been working a little with MongoDB and I have to say I really like it. However it is a completely different type of database then I am used. I've noticed that it is most definitely better for certain types of data, however for heavily normalized databases it might not be the best choice.

It appears to me however that it can completely take the place of just about any

Let MySQL users create databases, but allow access to only their own databases
by niswilsonnissen in Databases

I want to have multiple a MySQL users to be able to issue commands like


But I also want each of these users to be able to see and access only their own databases.

All I could find was how to either create the databases by a DBA and grant the privileges on this database to the specific user:


How to prevent a user from being able to see other databases and the tables from other databases?
by sdifox in Databases

I want to create a postgres user that can access only one database on the postgres server at all.

Currently my flow is:

create database database1;
create user user1 with password 'pass';
grant all privileges on database database1 to user1;

but user1 can still see a list of dbs, users, tables etc. Is there a way to prevent that user from seeing that

Is there a way to dump all mysql databases except for system databases?
by cengel4 in Databases

I use mysqldump to automatically dump all my databases to a text file and save this dump as backup. I use the --all-databases option which dumps my databases, but it also dumps system databases (information_schema, phpmyadmin, etc.) which I don't need.

Is there a way to dump all my databases with mysqldump without naming them explicitly on the command line (so that I don't have to m

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