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DateTimePicker calculate so the second interacts with the first datetimepicker
Category : Programming Languages

I'am trying to let one DateTimePicker interact with another one, so if you select something like: 08-08-2013, then the Mindate function of the second DateTimePicker needs to be that date, I tried using this code, but this code won't work:

private void datetimepicker1_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
datetimepicker2.MinDate = datetimepicker1.Val

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C# WPF DateTimePicker
Category : Programming Languages

i have a big problem with a code which i found in the internet:


if you download it and use the below as Dameer.cs

and the following as XAML Sample

The problem:

If you click the 1st field the first time its ok.

If you then click the 2nd field you will see that focus didn't go to this

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.NET DateTimePicker
Category : Programming Languages

I’m currently trying to use this control to provide a means of selecting a date and time from a dialog box. However, I can’t seem to work out how to allow selection of a date AND time (format seems to allow short, long, custom and time). Please could someone point me to the relevant property for this?

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c# .Net DateTimePicker problem
Category : Programming Languages

this is what I am doing,

//this doesnt set the datetimepicker value to the set value
InitializeComponent(); // -> this initializes all the form components
DateTimePicker.Value = System.DateTime.Now.AddDays(30); //->trying to set the date time picker value to a date one month from now.

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get only Date in DatetimePicker
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Visual Studio 2010, I want to get only date as yyyy-MMM-dd format in DateTimePicker. I tried :

DateTime FromDate;
FromDate =

But it's not working.

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C# DateTimePicker time
Category : Programming Languages

I have a project that Asks for input from the user (@startdate and @enddate) Once they select the date they then have to push a button. After the button is pressed it will run a stored procedure and return results in the report viewer. The problem is if I select the same day (For example 5/14/2012). (@startdate and @enddate are both 5/14/12) it will not display any information becuase it is

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How do I set the language for datetimepicker?
Category : Programming Languages

Is there any property to set the language for datetimepicker?

When displaying the calendar, that is - if I want the week days to be displayed in Spanish, for example...

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datetimepicker don't want my php-variable
Category : PHP

I have a big problem which really confused me the last five hours.

I use datetimepicker.

$tabname = "frequency";
$datumstart = "'#datumstart".$tabname."'";
<script type ="text/javascript">
$(function(){$(<?php echo $datumstart; ?>).datetimepicker();
<input type="text" name="datumstart&l

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DateTimePicker get value from ListView c#
Category : C & C++ & C#

I have a ListView in which there is a column with Date(20.02.2000).
How do I get this value and put im in DateTimePicker?

dateTimePAterizare.Value = DateTime.Parse(listView1.SelectedItems[0].SubItems[4].Text);

It is giving this error:

String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

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datetimepicker and monthcalender for C# web
Category : C & C++ & C#

For C# window forms, there are datetimepicker and month calendar.

For monthcalendar, we can select multiple days.

Now I m developing website.

I saw a calendar control but it can select only one day, one week or one month.

So are there any similar controls like datetimepicker and monthcalendar

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