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DateTimePicker calculate so the second interacts with the first datetimepicker
by dormsbee in Programming Languages

I'am trying to let one DateTimePicker interact with another one, so if you select something like: 08-08-2013, then the Mindate function of the second DateTimePicker needs to be that date, I tried using this code, but this code won't work:

private void datetimepicker1_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
datetimepicker2.MinDate = datetimepicker1.Val

.NET DateTimePicker
by qba73 in Programming Languages

I’m currently trying to use this control to provide a means of selecting a date and time from a dialog box. However, I can’t seem to work out how to allow selection of a date AND time (format seems to allow short, long, custom and time). Please could someone point me to the relevant property for this?

C# WPF DateTimePicker
by Tim Watson in Programming Languages

i have a big problem with a code which i found in the internet:


if you download it and use the below as Dameer.cs

and the following as XAML Sample

The problem:

If you click the 1st field the first time its ok.

If you then click the 2nd field you will see that focus didn't go to this

Datetimepicker in windows 7
by tontod in Programming Languages

I am using Microsoft Date and Time Picker control(SP4) in my application.My application runs fine in xp and vista machines as date and time picker refers to mscomct2.ocx which is present in system32 for xp and vista,but for windows 7 i dont have this dll in my system .In windows we need admin rights to register that control. So is there any alternative/similar control available.......It would b

DatetimePicker: Invalid Reg Exp
by Bas in Programming Languages

I am using the below Regular Expression which works fine in case of date validation. But if I select the date from the DatePicket even then it throws alert:Enter valid date. How can I modify the regular expression so as to be compatible with DatePicker.

Set RegularExpressionObject = New RegExp
With RegularExpressionObject
.Pattern = "^(((0?[1-9]|[12]d|3[01]).-/.-/?

DatetimePicker in asp.net 2005
by stephenbennyhat in ASP & ASP.net

Using C# and ASP.Net 2005

I want to add the Datetimepicker Control in my web page. I cannot able to find the control in VS 2005

How to get the DateTimePicker Control in VS2005

DateTimePicker not selected in wpf
by Wilson Mar in Programming Languages

I have a database field of dateTime, I'm added a DateTimePicker Control into the window , I want that if not selected any date. Not enter anything into the database I tried the following code And it returns an error ,Does anyone have an idea?
I am working on WPF, C # and Access DB

string insert_query = "INSERT INTO dbo_tasks ( Date_Created, write_From, Ta

DateTimePicker resets day
by oferrer in Development Tools & Services

I am using DateTimePicker with Australian date formatting set (dd/mm/yyyy)

The problem is when user enters a day which is outside of the month (mm), control resets that day to "1".

This obviously is a quite confusing obstacle for user - it's not natural to enter the month first and then enter the day [culture-wise]

Is there a way to disable this validation or

DateTimePicker get value from ListView c#
by vi edit in C & C++ & C#

I have a ListView in which there is a column with Date(20.02.2000).
How do I get this value and put im in DateTimePicker?

dateTimePAterizare.Value = DateTime.Parse(listView1.SelectedItems[0].SubItems[4].Text);

It is giving this error:

String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

datetimepicker and monthcalender for C# web
by HokieGeek in C & C++ & C#

For C# window forms, there are datetimepicker and month calendar.

For monthcalendar, we can select multiple days.

Now I m developing website.

I saw a calendar control but it can select only one day, one week or one month.

So are there any similar controls like datetimepicker and monthcalendar


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