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Difference Between Home-Based Daycare & Daycare Centers
by ti22 in Relationships & Family
The choice of who will watch a child while a parent works can be one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Safe, quality day care can be hard to narrow down when faced with so many options and choices. Comparing the basic styles of care will help the parent make the right choice for the child. LocationHome-based day care can be found in most every neighborhood. Day-care centers are

How to Choose Daycare Forms to Start a Home Daycare
by Chaos in Business
Choosing the correct forms to start a daycare center determines how quickly your center can open. Many online stores offer daycare starter kits -- but your state's licensing board typically offers the applicable forms free of charge. Several factors, such as the legal structure of the business and type of center, determine which forms you select and from which agencies.Difficulty:Moderately EasyIn

Daycare Centers vs. Home Daycare for Infants
by pansapiens in Home & Garden
Home daycare providers and daycare centers provide infant care that differs in several ways. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so parents should consider all options and decide which environment they are most comfortable with. RegulationsDaycare centers must adhere to state standards and regulations. Home daycare may or may not be regulated. If the home daycare is licensed, it must adhere

What to Name Your Daycare
by jch in Education
When you are starting up a daycare, there are going to be plenty of things that you will want to do. One of the most important things is making sure that your daycare has a great name. This should be a name that you like, and one that can help your daycare be successful.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Think of the name of your family. There might be something there that you can use to create a name

How to What to Look for in a Daycare
by Cadu in Parenting
Making the decision to go back to work and put your child in daycare is never easy and finding the right daycare can be even harder. It's important to find a daycare that fits not only your hours and budget, but one that meets your child's social and emotional needs as well. Knowing what to look for in a daycare can make a tough situation a little bit easier. Read on to learn how to know what to l
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Daycare Tax Help
by Kuer in Personal Finance
The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers who have earned income during the tax year to claim a childcare tax credit for day care expenses. Childcare expenses include babysitting fees paid to relatives if the taxpayer does not claim that relative as a dependent. Childcare expenses paid to the taxpayer's spouse or child's father or the taxpayer's child do not qualify as bona fide childcare expe
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How Do I Get the EIN for a Daycare?
by l2ez4m in Personal Finance
When preparing your taxes for the previous year, you may be able to claim a credit for money spent on childcare. Daycare centers with more than one worker should have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This number identifies the business, according to the IRS. If a single person is responsible for the daycare, that person may use her Social Se
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How to Run a Daycare
by Ed. in Business
Operating an in-home daycare can be a rewarding experience for those looking to work from home while making a difference in the community. Working with children in a home environment can be done with ease and efficiency by remembering a few steps.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Stick to a schedule. This will help keep order in your daycare, by providing a routine for the children. It will also
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How to Get a Job in a Daycare If You're 18
by Caveman in Relationships & Family
Getting a job in day care if you are 18 is a wise way to gain professional and interpersonal experience in the work force. Rules and guidelines for employment may vary from state to state, so check for specific information with the departments in your area that cover children and families, employment, and social services. However, there are several ways an 18-year-old can prepare to increase the c
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How to Name a Dog Daycare
by Nulq in Business
Any business needs a relevant and memorable name if it is going to stand out from its competitors. Dog daycare centers are no different, and if you can conjure up a name that people will remember easily, then it will certainly help when they tell their friends later on. A name that rhymes and rolls off the tongue will make it more memorable and a name that centers on a dog-based theme will help cu
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