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Design consideration… decorate/metadata or not to decorate/metadata
by CyberGreg in Programming Languages

I am working on a system that is already broken down into a main service and a UI. The design requires that the UI be interchangeable so obviously the service provides the functionality.

The business of this is running 1 of say 6 possible illustrations or processes. Each illustration is made up of say 30 fields. Depending on the process different fields in the illustration will be e

How to Decorate a Tie for Dad
by Ph33zy in Holidays & Celebrations
Buying Dad a tie for Father's Day is practically an American tradition. Instead of buying Dad another forgettable piece of neck wear, decorate one for him to make it special. You can start a new tradition in which Dad wears his decorated tie for Father's Day every year. Kids can decorate a tie using many types of craft items. Dad will love a custom tie that was personalized just for him.Difficulty
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How to Decorate With Red
by Copter in Home & Garden
Red is a vibrant, dramatic color to use in home decorating. It is a great color for kitchens or any room as a vivid accent. With the right skills and planning it can be easy to use red to decorate your home and make a bold statement. Follow these steps to learn how to decorate with red.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Decide whether to make red the focus or the accent color in the room. U
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How to Decorate an RV
by chuck1723 in Travel
An RV is essentially a home away from home for those enthusiasts who love to travel in them. Despite the fact that it's only a fraction of the size of the average home, decorating an RV is just as important as decorating a home. Dealing with compact space may prove to be a challenge, but these tips will make decorating your RV a breeze.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Figure out what your budget for
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How to Decorate With Yo-Yos
by tedrodai in Home & Garden
Home decorating may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yo-yos. However, you can use the timeless toy in some surprising ways. As you try to devise ways to interject it, think about its leading qualities -- it hangs, it is round, it is solid, it can be colorful and it has distinct layers. Think of decorating details that involve or call for those qualities. When you reduce
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How to Decorate a Pot
by Czech Republic in Home & Garden
Turn a plain terra-cotta flower pot into a colorful home accent, by painting it in interesting colors and designs. Decorating your pot with paint is a simple craft project, and with the use of stencils, you can create intricate and polished designs. Choose paint colors and patterns to coordinate with your other home furnishings, or personalize it when giving a potted plant or flower as a gift. Thi
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How to Decorate
by crazy2383 in Home & Garden
Home decor is largely a matter of personal preference. Some homeowners prefer to decorate an entire home according to one theme, while others like to have different looks for different rooms. Budget constraints often affect home decor choices. Homeowners may choose to decorate their homes without any assistance or may hire a professional home decorator to select appropriate furnishings and accesso
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How to Decorate for a Man
by Thierry Brunet in Home & Garden
Concepts of decorating for a man have shifted away from limited ideas about masculine colors and style to allow a wide range of personal expression in contemporary interior design. A home decorated for a man may include displays that reflect his interests, such as art, photography, technology and hobbies. In general, decorating for a man emphasizes a tailored, streamlined look. A combination of ne
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How to Decorate an Egg As a Bat
by Rob in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The art and tradition of egg decorating dates back thousands of years, where it had roots in ancient religious rites and festivals. Today, egg decorating is popular during spring holidays but is also regarded by some to be a respected form of art. The designs and patterns that can be made on an eggshell are limited only by the imagination. One such design is that of a bat.Difficulty:Moderately Eas
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How to Decorate With Yo Yo's
by Alpha0mega in Home & Garden
Although many Americans consider the yo-yo an iconic U.S. toy, yo-yos have been around for centuries all over the world. The toys have been found in ancient Greek art and throughout Asia. The yo-yo -- also called the bandalore or incroyable -- has been used as both a toy and a weapon. Yo-yos, both colorful and nostalgic, can add a quirky talking point to your home decor or brighten a child's room
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