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How to Find over the hill Birthday Party Decorations (decorations for fiftieth birthday party)
by Charlie98 in Holidays & Celebrations
So someone's turning the big 5-0 (or any age) and you want to help them celebrate! Here are some inexpensive ways to celebrate that over-the hill achievement, and find some great over the hill birthday party decorations.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Gravestone centerpiece: Spray paint two rectangular pieces of foam silver or gray. Use one as the base, hot glue the other to the top to m

DIY Pew Decorations
by br0wn in Weddings
Pew decorations at a church may be used for special services, or for a wedding. You can have a professional florist decorate the pews with flowers or ribbon; however, you can also decorate the pews yourself with a few supplies from your local craft store. Flower ConesTrace large dinner plates onto pieces of sixteen-by-sixteen inch decorative scrapbook card stock. A simpler card stock will look
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The Best Bed Set Decorations
by dougbeal in Home & Garden
If you've recently purchased a bed set to add to the decorative scheme in your bedroom, you may be looking for some additional accents to customize the set. The best bed set decor includes items that reflect your personality and style and help to transform your bedroom into a relaxing haven you'll love to come home to. Pillow ShamsShams often come with bed sets, but add a couple of extra pillow
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Decorations From the 50s
by jaredsmiller in Home & Garden
If you want to give your home a retro vibe, enhance it with decorations from the 1950s for an authentic look. Choose textiles, patterns and decor pieces reminiscent of that bygone era. You can use antiques or realistic-looking replicas, depending on your decorating budget. Use family heirlooms as home decor as a cost-friendly and sentimental touch. Wall DecorEnhance any room with 1950s wall dec
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About Set Decorations
by language-agnostic in Arts & Entertainment
Set decorations can make a simple sound stage look like a ruined temple in "Raiders of the Lost Arc." Set decorations can transport the audience to a different time and space. They can give the actors more to work with and allow them to fully inhabit their characters even if the situation is something as fantastic as a scene from "The Lord of the Rings." A great deal of craftsmanship and artistry

About Entryway Decorations
by JoeKaras in Home & Garden
The entryway in your home gives guests their first impression of the way you live and of who you are. For that reason, it's important for the decor in your entryway to represent your tastes, your interests and give people a sense of your personality. It doesn't take much to create a snapshot in the foyer of who lives in the house, if you just keep a few things in mind. TypesFoyers and entryways

Tulle Decorations
by jkjambo in Home & Garden
Tulle is a versatile decorating material that comes in many colors, and is useful for weddings and other special occasions. It can also lend elegance to any type of gathering, is simple to use and can be used to create different types of decorations. Decorating ChairsTulle is an easy way to make chairs look elegant at a wedding, reception or other event. You can create a large bow from the tu

DIY Luau Decorations
by bdurbin in Parties & Entertaining
A Luau, traditionally a celebration held in Hawaii, has become a popular theme for backyard parties in many other places around the world. Guests will enjoy dressing in bold colors and "Aloha" shirts, socializing, and drinking tropical cocktails. The decorations for a luau are very important and will truly get your guests into the island spirit. Coconuts and Cocktail UmbrellasDecorations for yo
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DIY Table Decorations
by mdiezb in Home & Garden
Beautiful DIY table decoration all depends on your use of color, height and texture. If you want a monochromatic scheme, for example, vary the height and texture. If you want multiple colors, keep height or textures the same. Keep this in mind whether you're decorating with flowers, candles, books or frames, and your table centerpiece will always be beautiful and eye-catching. Natural BeautyIns

About Wall Decorations
by Josh Tegart in Home & Garden
If you are tired of looking at the same old walls, you have a number of ways to dress them up and make them look great. From full-length wall mirrors and photo collages to your favorite pieces of artwork, you can create a beautiful look and feel for any room of your home.

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