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How to get definitive url from href value?
by Maine in Web Design

I have some links with various hrefs and want to get definitive url for this value, like:

http://localhost/ -> http://localhost/
localhost -> http://mysite.example/localhost
firstpage -> http://mysite.example/firstpage
/anotherpage -> http://mysite.example/anotherpage
#anchor1 -> http://mysite.example/curr

What Is Definitive Technology?
by Sigtryggur in Electronics
When shopping for speakers or home audio equipment, you've come across the term " Definitive Technology." You wonder what this technology is and what advantages it offers. Well, Definitive Technology is more of a who than a what, a speaker company as opposed to a rating or certification. IdentificationDefinitive Technology is a speaker manufacturer that designs high-end loudspeakers. The compan

Definitive way to do three-column layout in CSS
by frugivore in Web Design

I have a really, really simple CSS question that has already been asked here a thousand times already in different forms, and seems to have no definitive answer.

I just want to create three columns on an HTML page, using CSS. Doesn't matter about fixed-width versus liquid: just need three columns.

Here's a complete HTML page:


Help understanding a definitive integral
by tiagoggama in Coding

I am trying to translate a function in a book into code, using MATLAB and C#.

I am first trying to get the function to work properly in MATLAB.

Here are the instructions:

The variables are:

xt and m can be ignored.
zMax = Maximum Sensor Range (100)
zkt = Sensor Measurement (49)
zkt* = What sensor measurement should

Definitive Merger Agreement
by weenerdog in Business
A definitive merger agreement is a contract used with mergers in which one company is combining its business with one or more other companies. This contract manages all terms and conditions relating to the merger. SignificanceA definitive merger agreement governs the conditions and terms of an acquisition. This contract is a legal document and is prepared before the acquisition.

Is there a definitive anti-XSS library for PHP?
by FuzzyHornet in PHP

I already know how XSS works, but finding out all the many different ways to inject malicious input is not an option.

I saw a couple libraries out there, but most of them are very incomplete, ineficient, or GPL licensed (when will you guys learn that GPL is not good to share little libraries! Use MIT)

A definitive guide to Url Encoding in ASP .NET
by swinaz in ASP & ASP.net

I am starting to realise that there are about a bazillion different methods for encoding urls in .NET.
I keep finding new ones. They all work slightly differently, but they all have essentially the same summary comments.

Does anyone have a definitive matrix that shows the exact differences between the following methods:


Definitive answer to what playersToInvite is for
by Spasas in Programming Languages

The Game Center documentation indicates that the

playersToInvite parameter is non-nil
when your application is launched
directly from the Game Center
application to host a match.

A few people have asked how this works exactly, i.e. there doesn't appear to be a way to select a friend from the Game Center application and invite them to

How to Hook Up a Definitive Technology BP 30
by Russia in Electronics
The Definitive Technology BP 30 is a bi-polar speaker system for home stereo and theater use. The bi-polar designation means the speaker produces audio from the front and back of the cabinet. Unlike many speaker systems, which feature jacks on the back panel, the BP 30 terminals are located on the bottom of the cabinet with binding posts to connect the speaker wires. The setup takes only a few min

Is there a definitive solution for auto_complete in Rails?
by YoNGaR in Programming Languages

I'm using DHH's auto_complete plugin, but am in the process of updating my dependencies on plugins to gems where feasible. Is there a newer, gemified version of this library, or has another solution emerged as the de facto standard?

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