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Delayed Job and Rails Admin: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::Base::Delayed::Job
by Dopey in Programming Languages

Hi all SO users fixing bugs on Thanksgiving,

My delayed job setup is working fine, I have it running in production and development, but when accessing the users section of rails admin, I get the error

uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::Base::Delayed::Job

Am I supposed to define a delayed job class somewhere? If so, what's the correct syntax for that? Delaye

Rails/delayed job: not able to save model from within delayed job
by WicKeD in Programming Languages

I have a Post model (below) which has a callback method to modify the body attribute via a delayed job. If I remove "delay." and just execute #shorten_urls! instantly, it works fine. However, from the context of a delayed job, it does NOT save the updated body.

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
after_create :shorten_urls
def shorten_urls

Delayed expansion doesn't work inside delayed expansion
by futurefields in Web Design

I've got a script that does everything I expect it to do, apart from one line.

I've done similar before, but I can't get this one to work.

The code I've got is here

@echo off
::Set Path to be folder of Sage Files
SET PATH=C:WelcomeProgsSitesDataSetupsGeorgeYarmouth
::set date variables
for /f "token

Getting delayed job to log
by tl1000sv in Programming Languages
#Here is how I have delayed job set up.
Delayed::Worker.backend = :active_record
#Delayed::Worker.logger = Rails.logger
Delayed::Worker.logger = ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger.new("log/
##{Rails.env}_delayed_jobs.log", Rails.logger.level)
Delayed::Worker.logger.auto_flushing = 1
class Delayed::Job
def logger
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Need a mix of Delayed and Map
by bicho44 in Programming Languages

I have an application without a save button; saving happens automatically in the background. As the user works with the app, tasks are created and put into a queue for execution. Some of them are delayed, for example, when you start typing, I wait 200ms before I update the corresponding value in the database.

To make this more simple to use code wise, I'd like to be able to add a ta

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Delayed DLL load in QT
by DexNFx in Programming Languages

Is delayed DLL loading possible in QT?
For example, my program has dependency from some third-party DLL and I want to remove it.

What should I write in .pro file to remove dependency?

Can I store DLL in resources?

Can I load DLL "globally"? So some function from DLL (for example func1) will remain func1 in my code.

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How to do delayed postbacks?
by Gunbuster in Programming Languages

I have 5 checkboxes on a hypothetical page, and if any one of them is checked, I want to perform a postback. However, I would like to delay the postback a bit so that if the user checks a box, it waits a second or so to make sure the user doesn't want to check more boxes before doing the round trip to the server. So, if you checked all five in rapid succession, you'd be able to check all five

What Is Delayed Revenue?
by Guilherme Costa in Business
Delayed revenue is an accounting method that recognizes sales revenue once the company renders the associated goods or services. Companies may prepay for certain products, such as insurance, which the carrier records as unearned revenue according to accrual accounting principles. The airline industry operates under the concept of delayed revenue. Airlines typically collect payments for airfare bef

Delayed Job on Heroku
by JackBurton in Programming Languages

I have a Rails application hosted on Heroku that requires a weekly data import. The task is performed by administrators and takes about 1-2 minutes to run (compute time). On Heroku, jobs that require more than 30 seconds time out. Heroku recommends job queues - however paying $36.00 per month (price of one worker) for 8 minutes of compute time doesn't seem appropriate. A few questions:

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What Happens When Your Refund Is Delayed?
by ERaubenheimer in Personal Finance
In most cases when your refund is delayed, it is just that -- a delay. Nothing happens other than that you must wait; you will receive your refund a bit late. In fact, what you think is late may just be the Internal Revenue Service's normal time frame for processing refunds; it can take up to 12 weeks for you to get your refund in some cases. However, sometimes a delayed refund means that there wa


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