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How to Restore a Dell 2200 Dell WOTJ 2350 OS Boot CD XP
by dlock13 in Computers
If you are having trouble with your Dell Dimension 2200, you may need to completely restore the operating system. If you no longer have the Windows XP CD that came included with your Dell, but have one from another Dell, you can use that to reinstall Windows. You still need your own unique Windows XP Product Key (typically located on a sticker on the back of your Dell). The restoration process is

How to Install the Dell Photo All-in-One 966 Printer on My Dell Laptop With Windows 7
by TheMoo in Computers
The Dell photo all-in-one 966 printer includes features such as printing, scanning and network capabilities. The all-in-one printer also works as a standalone copier and fax machine. The drivers for the Dell photo all-in-one 966 printer were made for earlier versions of the Windows operating system (Windows XP and Windows Vista). However, you can still use this printer with Windows 7 by selecting

How to Find Great Deals on Dell Computers from Dell Outlet
by Triumph in Computers
Find great deals on desktop and laptop Dell computers from the Dell Factory Outlet website. These are certified refurbished computers. Not only you get great prices on refurbished laptops, desktops, but also all Dell Outlet PCs come with a 1-3 year limited warranty.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Go to Dell Factory Outlet website.
Under "Narrow Your Selection" on the left navigation ba

Instructions to Install a Dell 65W AC Adapter to a Dell Latitude D630
by Edwin41 in Computers
Dell's 65-watt AC adapter is the standard adapter for the Latitude D630 laptop computer. The adapter comes with a three-foot cord and features a grounded three-prong plug. Users of the D630 laptop who have the four-cell or six-cell battery installed will have no problem keeping the battery fully charged by using this adapter. D630 users with the optional nine-cell battery will need to use the opti

How to Transfer Programs From Dell Desktop to Dell Netbook
by tommy in Computers
While having a netbook makes browsing the Internet away from home a much simpler process, it can also be frustrating when you have programs spread out across two computers. If you have a program or file on your Dell desktop that you also need on your Dell netbook, there are several ways to transfer them. Unfortunately, there are fewer options than when you are transferring between two full-sized c

How to Install a Dell Version of Windows XP on a Non-Dell Computer
by christiandsg in Computers
Although you might assume that a "Dell" version of Windows XP would be only usable by Dell computers, that is not necessarily true. Computer software is remarkably indiscriminate about where it can be installed--you will find that you can quite easily utilize your "Dell PC" Windows XP disc to install a copy of Windows XP on any other computer you happen to have lying around.Dif

How to Connect My Dell Inspirion with an Older Dell Monitor
by Wonderbread in Computers
Dell's Inspiron line of desktops and laptops is popular and long-lived. Whether you own an older or newer Inspiron, however, hooking one up to an older monitor is easy. This is thanks to the long life of video graphics array (VGA) technology. VGA MonitorsWhether your older monitor is a cathode ray tube (CRT) or liquid crystal display (LCD) type, unless it is from the 1980s or an Apple product,

How to Connect My Dell Inspiron With an Older Dell Monitor
by Edwin41 in Computers
If you have a new style Inspiron computer and an old monitor you can still make them work together. Your old display can work just fine with your new computer, and that can help you get more out of your new computer. Connecting that old monitor to your new PC is not difficult, but it is important to know how to hook it up correctly.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Monitor cable

Dell T7500 Xeon Vs. Dell OptiPlex 980 ArcGIS
by Ben in Computers
The Dell Precision T7500 and the Dell OptiPlex 980 ArcGIS are two desktop personal computers. The Precision T7500, released in 2009, is a workstation, designed for professionals in the architecture, computer-aided design and computer graphics industries. The OptiPlex 980, released a year later, is geared toward the corporate, education and government sectors. Due to its designation, the Precision

How to Connect a Dell Axim to a Dell Inspiron Via WiFi
by Puffnstuff in Computers
Connecting your Dell Axim handheld device to your Dell Inspiron laptop can be accomplished over a Bluetooth wireless connection, since both devices are Bluetooth capable. This can be done using the tools built into the operating system of your Inspiron laptop, allowing you to sync the devices in order to share files and folders. The entire process can be done in five minutes or less.Difficulty:Eas


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