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Denture Treatments
by Barak in Health
Dentures strengthen facial muscles, assist with verbal articulation and aid in the mastication (chewing) process. Knowing the benefits of dentures is one thing, but knowing which denture treatment is right for you is another. There are five main treatments to choose from. Complete Denture TreatmentAre they real teeth or dentures?tooth image by saied shahinkiya from Fotolia.comThis involves the

How to Do Denture Care
by eroi in Health
Proper cleaning and care of your dentures can prolong their use for years. Brushing and rinsing your gum tissue twice daily is also part of caring for your dentures. By doing so, you improve your overall dental health, and make it possible to enjoy a juicy steak and many other foods again.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Denture case
Soft bristled denture brush
Denture p
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How to Use Denture Strips
by aaffleck in Health
If your dentist has recommended dentures, then you have a few different options for securing them to your gums. You can use a paste, or you can also use denture strips. These strips are essentially double-sided tape that sticks to the inside of the dentures, then presses up against your gums. These are suggested for use on the lower dentures only and it takes just a few minutes to apply them corre
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Denture Pain
by George Garchagudashvili in Health
Occasional denture pain is normal and can be easily remedied. Dentures on your gums are just like shoes on your feet--they can pinch and rub while you get used to them. Your gums can change shape as time goes by so alignment for your dentures may be needed to keep them comfortable. Denture pain can have many causes but there is a solution to address each one. Wearing for Too LongLeaving your
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About Denture Implants
by ajjaeger in Health
Denture implants are, quite simply put, dentures in the mouth that are supported by implants. They are overdentures that are both supported and attached to implants. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and are not help up by implants, and therefore sit less tightly and firmly within the mouth. People who get dentures or denture implants are individuals who have lost some or all of their teeth du

DIY Denture Repair
by l1feh4ck3r in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
False teeth are worn for a variety of medical and cosmetic reasons. They are vulnerable to chipping and breaking, however, especially after extended use. It could be an accidental drop on the bathroom floor that chips a tooth or a crack in the plate that holds the teeth together. Emergency repairs are feasible if, for instance, you're out with friends and something breaks over the weekend. Schedul
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How to Use Denture Liners
by laptop302.vn in Health
Filling the gap between the plate and the gum, denture liners are a soft rubber-like pad designed to improve the fit of loose dentures. After dentures have been fitted, gums will commonly recede over time, creating a space between the denture and the gums. Improperly fitting dentures can cause mouth ulcers and should be replaced with a properly fitting pair as soon as possible. However, until you
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How is a Denture Reline Done?
by NAM TRON in Health
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How to Use Denture Adhesive
by scosant in Health
Denture wearers undertake the daily task of securing dentures in place with adhesives to protect against loss or uncomfortable slippage. Poorly adhered dentures can cause a host of oral health issues including increased debris, lowered bite force and problems chewing. Thankfully, denture wearers can secure their dentures with a few easy steps, whether with powder or paste adhesives.Difficulty:Mode
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Do it Yourself: Denture Relines
by André Rocheleau in Health
When dentures are new they fit snugly against the gums, but over time the gum tissue shrinks and the dentures become loose. When dentures are loose they can slip and develop pressure points. This can be embarrassing and painful. When this happens, you need to get your dentures relined, which is the process of adding material to the pink base of the dentures to make them fit snugly again. Dentist v

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