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FAIL - Failed to deploy application at context path /ROOT. Deploy plugin of jenkins failling to deploy
by Janne Lammi in Programming Languages

Attempting to set up jenkins and its container deploy plugin.

However, I am receiving the following stacktrace :

ERROR: Publisher hudson.plugins.deploy.DeployPublisher aborted due to exception
org.codehaus.cargo.container.ContainerException: Failed to deploy [/myHome/jenkins/jobs/myAPP/workspace/target/ROOT.war]
at org.codehaus.cargo.container.tomcat.int

Maven site:deploy (with DIFFERENT url) during “deploy” goal (when in testing profile)?
by Viren in Programming Languages

How can I make maven do a site:site and a site:deploy when the deploy is run?

Am I best off to make my own plugin (modified version of maven-release-plugin) or is there an easy way in Maven (configuration of a plugin within a profile)?


EDIT for clarification: I basically want a site-deploy done (to a special url) for snapshot releases. Namely the java

deploy tools: get a list of actions the tool will execute without executing the deploy script
by Pakistan in Development Tools & Services

We're in the process of evaluating MSBuild and Nant for deploys. We may roll our own tool. One thing that a different business unit -- let's call it DeptA -- would really like to have (as in it better have it) is the ability for someone in DeptA to read the script and see what it will do. Currently we do this with .bat files. We hates the bat files. Nasty nasty bat files's. But if we ask DeptA

Maven deploy:deploy-file not found due to version/timestamp appended to jar
by Texas in Development Tools & Services

I'm having a problem using deploy:deploy-file with snapshots I'd like some advice on please.

I have 2 projects; 1) Ant based and 2) the other Maven based that consumes the jars of the other project via Archiva.

I've added a target to the Ant project to deploy snapshots on every successful build during our i

How do you deploy a non-web Java app through CloudBees Jenkins “Deploy Now” feature?
by jald in Java

With CloudBees now supporting deployment of Java applications, is it possible to use the post-build action in Jenkins "Deploy to CloudBees" to deploy your app? Furthermore, I'd like to use the Maven assembly plugin's jar-with-dependencies goal so that I can simply and automatically deploy my entire app to CloudBees right through Jenkins.

How to deploy to multiple redundant production servers with “cap deploy”?
by Jammy in Development Tools & Services

Capistrano is working great to deploy to a single server. However, I have multiple production API servers for my web application. When I deploy, my code needs to get deployed to every API server at once. Specifying each server manually is NOT the solution I am looking for (e.g. I don't want to do "cap api1 deploy; cap api2 deploy").

Is there a way, using Capistrano, to deploy to all

maven deploy: how to restrict to deploy only the artifacts? (multi-module environment)
by sourceninja in Development Tools & Services

I have a project with two modules: client and server. In the parent pom.xml I added info for the deployment phase, so as to deploy to a local directory:


Creating ANT script to deploy to glassfish, run junit tests and then un-deploy
by Simon Dick in Development Tools & Services

Hey guys, I have a j2ee app which I am building with Netbeans. My task is to modify the build.xml so that after the app builds, ANT deploys the app to a server, runs Junit tasks on the app, and then un-deploys the app. So far I have the deploy and un-deploy working but I'm running into some trouble running the junit tasks.

I have a client project in Netbeans where my junit tasks

Is there a way to disable the deploy goal of maven-deploy-plugin via settings.xml
by cerebusPu in Programming Languages

I tried adding this to the settings.xml;


But that didn't work. mvn deploy -Dmaven.skip.deploy=true seems to work ok. Also I assume that adding the above tag to the pom.xml would work also. Is there a way to achieve this using the settings.xml?

Deploy Rails app with capistrano …cap deploy:cold error
by bash in Development Tools & Services


when i type "cap deploy:cold" on my ruby command prompt i get the following error

My deploy.rb file

require 'bundler/capistrano'
require 'capistrano'
require 'capistrano-vexxhost'
# Account Settings
ssh_options[:forward_agent] = true
set :user, "innocent"
set :password, "2Q0bNx85it"


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