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issues in deploying compiled war with jdk 1.5 and deploying in jdk 1.6 environment (which is weblogic 10gR3)
by WiseUp216 in Programming Languages

just curious to know issues in deploying compiled war with jdk 1.5 and deploying in jdk 1.6 environment (which is weblogic 10gR3)

Deploying .NET 2.0 sp2
by Yserbius in Development Tools & Services

I would like to deploy the .NET Framework 2.0 sp2 redistrbutable (NetFx20SP2_x86.exe) with my app.

Do I need to uninstall 2.0 or 2.0 sp1 if they exist on the client machine first, or is it acceptable to simply install 2.0 sp2 over the top?


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deploying to a vps
by vvv in Programming Languages

I'm trying to deploy my app and getting this error with capistrano deploy:cold. Any ideas?
My environment includes ubuntu 12.10, postgresql, rbenv-installer, unicorn.

* executing "cd /home/deployer/apps/microv/releases/20130210112032 && bundle install --gemfile /home/deployer/apps/microv/releases/20130
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deploying to the GAC
by kivava in Programming Languages

is there a best way to deploy to the GAC?

is dragging the dll to the GAC sufficient?

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deploying mvc in iis
by Vasiliy in Programming Languages

I'm having 5 mvc application where i need to deploy it in IIS.

If I deploy it seprately each in IIS its working.

But I need in the following structure.

-> MyApplications under this all my mvc application need to be deployed.

I'm using IIS 7 and tried in IIS 6.x subversion also,

Show error like MyApplication/Mvcappl1 virtual path is usi

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Deploying asp.net
by Mariocki in Development Tools & Services

I have an asp.net application which uses some web services(WCF) in the solution exporer ( Through add reference). I can see that end points are defined in Web.config

Now i do not want to touch the web config in the production and i have two questions.
1. What dll should i be putting on production - Released one or debug dll.
2. Whatever is taken as reference (WCF) in our

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Deploying on EC2
by Taylon Silmer in Development Tools & Services

This question is for anyone who has actually used Amazon EC2. I'm looking into what it would take to deploy a server there.

It looks like I can start in VirtualBox, setup my server and then export the image using the provided ec2-tools.

What gets tricky is if I actually want to make configuration changes to my running server, they will not be persistent.

I ha

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Deploying asp.net mvc web site
by nchaimov in ASP & ASP.net

I have asp.net mvc web site. When i want to change some code in controller i need to build all the site and upload it to the server. Is there some merhods when i need just copy controller file by ftp?

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Deploying EJB app on Heroku
by ugufugu in Programming Languages

I'm new to Heroku PaaS and I have spent sometime recently exploring how to deploy Java apps on Heroku. I was able to deploy simple Java apps and Spring apps as well.
However, I have an app which has EJB components in it.
My question is - Can EJB 2/3 apps be deployed on Heroku...if yes, where can I find more info about it. (I tried to look for it but couldn't find anything useful).

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deploying asp.net MVC 1.0 app with HTTPS
by xSauronx in ASP & ASP.net

We have an application built on ASP.NET MVC 1.0 which, once deployed, should be accessed with HTTPS. I tried few approaches for HTTPS but I have a few questions.:

My home page does not need to be Secured (HTTPS), but rest of the hyperlinks following it will be Secured.

I read about the action method attribute [requiresHTTPS] however I want to understand what happens to t


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