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iTunes Connect app description text won't accept line breaks, description squished
by Monev in Mobile Programming

What gives? I've tried multiple browsers, using safari on a mac.... the description text will NOT take any returns / line feeds, they just get stripped out. It doesn't matter if you cut/paste the description in the description form box, or write your own, everything gets stripped of line feeds and it ends up looking like a wall of text.

Has anyone seen this?? Is this normal? I don't

Curious caption problems with Italian language - youtube description differs from website description
by XLNC in Programming Languages

I'm experiecing a curious problem with caption: just to show you the "real situation" the channel is "gpaautomation" and the webpage is http://www.gpa-automation.com/youtube/?lang=it&cl=v

The descriptions are written first in italian and secondly in english. With the english text I have no problems at all = the text are exactly the same in youtube and in the webpage, on the con

How do I set default text for description field on the enter bug page? Description will need to change on update of one of the custom fields
by KaoFloppy in Web Design

I have done this using javascript for the edit bug page, where I used a change of the bug status to modify the default text. This was done by calling a javascript function onchange of the bug status.
I am now trying to do a similar operation on the enter bug page, but I need the default text to change based on the issue type. As this is a custom field it does not show up in the template f

Opencart, product description in different languages and change description automatically with respect to selected language by user
by orange-man in Programming Languages


It is very urgent that i want to support multi language in my opencart. So i want to set translated product description in different language.

Finally, when an user select a language from home page then all products description will be shown on the selected language.

by default language: english, product Description:English.
if user sele

In MySQL, if the movies table has a description field, how to do search on this description?
by Daniel E. Renfer in Databases

Say, using MySQL, if the movies table has 20,000 records, and each record has a field that is the description of the movie, up to 2k byte long. How can we search for movies with the word "nature" in its description? If possible, it is to be fast, instead of going through all the 20,000 records. (if in some other situations, like for books, where n can be 200,000 or

How does Google get the site's description, when there is no description present in the HTML?
by MovingSpotlight in Web Design

I go to Google and type "tumblr". The first result is www.tumblr.com. It says

"A feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates,...."

Then I go to www.tumblr.com, and look at the HTML source code, but I cant find that description, how can that be? And I noticed this is true for lots of additional sites.

Converting the HTML description to string to be set as meta description
by Chris Tattum in Programming Languages

I am working on a discussion website.(http://www.wrangle.in/). I added a new feature of HTML formatted description of a topic to it. The HTML formatted description is saved in the database. When the topic is loaded the description is visible in the HTML format. But meta description shows HTML tags even after I used following class to remove HTML tags from string. But this class is not working.

Description of Like for Dutch, description becomes: Niet Beschikbaar
by Brazen in Development Tools & Services

I have a site, registered as an app on facebook (with fb login). The site is in English, and has og:title og:description app id etc in the meta for the pages.

If people Like a page on the site, the description and title is nicely put on their timeline.

But, if they use Facebook in Dutch, they get the title on their timeline, but the description of the article they shared

Eclipse show view wizard says Use f2 to display the description… but where to set the description for the view
by Twista in Programming Languages

In Eclipse Window>Show View, in the bottom we can see a text saying "use f2 to display the description for a selected view" now if we select any view and press f2, it always show "no description available" .
Now I have created a View and that view is available in showView eclipse menu , but I want to set the description for the same.
So in ViewPart, where exactly I need to do the desc

Job Description of a BSN
by Pakistan in Careers & Job Searching
An aspiring registered nurse (RN) can earn an associate degree in two years from a community or technical college before applying for an entry-level nursing position. A bachelor's degree in nursing, commonly referred to as a BSN, prepares RNs for leadership or administrative roles, in addition to covering the technical aspects of nursing. According to the website All Nursing Schools, a BSN provide
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