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How do you force Visual Studio 2008 to generate designer.cs e.g. Whatever.aspx.designer.cs
by Kagee in Programming Languages

I have some webforms in an Asp.Net V2.0 generated using Visual Studio 2005 using Web site technology

Want to import them in to Visual Studio 2008 set to v3.5 (Asp.Net MVC) - where I use Project technology

I'm using Add > Existing Item - Which brings in Whatever.aspx & Whatever.aspx.cs
There is no Whatever.aspx.designer.cs to import

How do you force

How to apply theme in component designer just like that in application project designer implicitly?
by jcwagers in Development Tools & Services

Say i had a theme file Button.xaml for standard button.

By merged in application resource dictionary it can implicitly applied in application project designer.

But after i move Button.xaml to component project, the component project designer can not implicitly apply the theme file.

How can i make that theme file works implicitly in component project ?

Difference between Object relational designer and Entity data model designer in VS
by massmedia in Programming Languages

Where is the Object relational designer and Entity data model designer in Visual studio ?
What is the first of them used for ? What is the second used for ?

I have used Entity data model designer one or two times, is the use of Object relational designer different ? How do I reference classes in my Object relational design from code ?

Thank you

Is it VS2010 designer bug? or what I have done wrong? Designer error: The method or operation is not implemented
by ghost recon88 in Programming Languages

Base user control BaseUserControl.cs

namespace BaseClass
public partial class BaseUserControl : UserControl
protected ResourceManager _translator = null;
public BaseUserControl()
/// <

Rehosting the WF4 designer - how to save and execute workflows created through the rehosted designer
by Engr62 in Development Tools & Services

I'm looking for some clarity with regards to the use of Windows Workflow 4 in an integrated solution - specifically with regards to rehosting the designer and executing workflows created by eg. a business user.

Is the intention that the required custom activities are created and compiled into a dll, which is then deployed with the rehosted designer, allowing the business user to cr

QT Designer — Designer.exe is Always crashing whenever I start it, the crash is also related to a call to QtCore4.dll , Any Suggestions?
by jrf in Operating Systems

I am a newbie who is trying to use the QT creator, I installed the latest version "qt-win-opensource-4.5.1-mingw". Everything was working fine except for launching the QT Designer .. I don't really know what is the exact problem .. but whenever I try to edit my project visually or even to launch the QT Designer itself, the windows pops up an error message in which it mentions "designer.exe has

Java IDE recommendations (GUI designer, ORM designer, etc…) for a VS user
by Radeon962 in Programming Languages

I work with Visual Studio in my day to day job and I love the productivity features that it has. The Visual designers it provides are wonderful, such as for Winforms, WPF, DataSets, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Class diagrams, etc...

I am after a similar development experience for developing in Java. It has been many years since I last did any professional Java development (2003

Designer seems to be removing handles in designer.cs
by billputer in Programming Languages

I've recently noticed that the Visual Studio designer (I'm guessing it's called that) has been removing some of my method handles. Is there a way to stop designer from doing this?

An example of what I mean is this:
I've got a method for when my MainForm closes called MainForm_Closing - basically a "Would you like to save changes?" prompt. Buried in my Main.designed.cs is the li

How designer-friendly is PlayN and are there libraries I should know about to be more designer friendly?
by piratus in Programming Languages

I'm on a small tactics game development team where we only have one programmer, and I am attempting to assist in programming. We are both learning PlayN (indie team) and I'm wondering if there are any visual or data driven tools, or libraries that can assist with a more data (HTML/XML/Spreadsheet) driven approach for major components (menu system, story/cutscene system (might also be used for u

Can I get the Visual Studio 2008 report designer to look like the Visual Studio 2005 report designer
by boomerang in Programming Languages

I liked the grid points and the visible separation of the header/body/footer of the report on the design surface or vs2005.

I hate the vs2008 report designer which is just a blank canvas with no grid lines/points and separation of header/body/footer...

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