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How to create a Linux desktop icon cross desktop (KDE, GNOME) with xdg-desktop-icon?
Category : Operating Systems

I'd like to use the xdg-desktop-icon tool because it can be scripted and works cross desktop (at least on Linux with Gnome and KDE). At least it is supposed to do so according to freedesktop.org. 1

Made a minimal file: test.desktop

[Desktop Entry]

Used xdg-deskt

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Matlab 2012b desktop - reactivating the old “retro style” desktop?
Category : Programming Languages

This has the clear potential of ending up in a flame war, but anyway, I give it a try ... there is not any definitive answer out there (as yet).

On one of my machines, I literally was switched/upgraded to Matlab 2012b. It's a nice new pretty shiny desktop, ok. But I am very much used to the old crappy one, for a good number of reasons. Has anyone of you found a specific way (option

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How Do I Connect a Laptop to a Desktop PC & Use the Desktop PC Hard Drive as Primary or Master?
Category : Computers
Transferring files between a desktop PC and a laptop can be time-consuming. Luckily, there's a way you can easily set up your desktop PC and laptop to both share the same network, thereby turning one of your computers into the "master" and the other into the "slave." This is called a Local Area Network (LAN), and you can usually have one up and running fairly quickly.Difficulty:ModerateInstructi

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How to Make a Windows 7 Desktop Slideshow Display on Static Desktop Wallpaper
Category : Computers
With Windows 7 you can use any picture on your computer as your desktop background, or wallpaper. This lets you personalize your computer so that the pictures you see are ones that you like. You can have a static desktop background, but you will only see one picture all the time. You can also change your desktop background to a slide show that cycles through pictures you select.Difficulty:Moderate

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How to Make Desktop Icons Stay When Using a Remote Desktop Connection
Category : Computers
A remote desktop connection scrambles the remote computer's desktop when the resolutions don't match. To compensate for any difference in resolution in Windows, Microsoft rearranges the desktop icons so they fit the allocated screen size. To stop this problem, configure Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect with the same resolution as the remote computer's desktop has.Difficulty:EasyInstructions

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How do I view a website in my desktop browser from a web app running in server in a VM on my desktop?
Category : Web Design

I am running Ubuntu on my workstation, and headless Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox on this same workstation.

I'd like to write a web app and deploy it on Ubuntu Server in the VM, then load it in a web browser on my workstation.

Is this possible, and if so how? Thanks!

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How to hide Windows Desktop and change desktop background color in c#?
Category : C & C++ & C#

I need to know how to hide Windows Desktop and change desktop background color in c# and restore the previous configuration.

Any idea?


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Hide desktop icons and windows to show desktop wallpaper?
Category : Development Tools & Services

How do you hide the desktop icons and the windows open to show the desktop wallpaper in cocoa?

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Bourne Shell: Convert ~/Desktop to /users/me/Desktop
Category : Network & Servers

The keytool does not resolve impartial directories. Ie this works:

keytool -keystore "/users/me/Desktop" ...

This doesn't:

keytool -keystore "~/Desktop" ...

Is there something that I could call like this:

keytool -keystore "$(<cmd> ~/Desktop)" ...


I guess I should actua

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Java: Frame/Window between Desktop and Desktop Icons
Category : Programming Languages

I just want to know if it is possible in Java to create a frame which is located between the desktop background and the icons on it.

Basically I try to create an "animated desktop background" in Java using Windows 7.

I found some tutorials on how to create a fully transparent window, but the problem remaining is, that this window is still in front of the desktop icons,

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