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Can Automapper map a complex source graph to a flat destination without prefixes in the destination properties and without custom mappings?
by Shantanu in Programming Languages

Is there a way to get Automapper to map a complex source graph like:

public class Source {
public string Name { get; set; }
public SourceSub Sub { get; set; }
public class SourceSub {
public string ValA { get; set; }
public string ValB { get; set; }

to a flat destination that looks like:


animated UIButtons are clickable at destination before they reach destination
by got_bainne in Web Design

I have a UIView that contains a couple UIButtons that I am animating from offscreen to onscreen. I find that the region where they are heading is clickable before they reach it. The animation is pretty simple, so I'm wondering if there is something obvious that I am missing in terms of telling the code to not treat the button as if it is at the final destination (I'm not sure if that is suppo

How to submit a form to destination url as destination site
by skulldrinker in Programming Languages

I need to submit a form with action is:"http://www.destination.com/hotelbooking" as "http://www.destination.com" but I do not own that site.

My site is http://www.mysite.com, after the submitting, url in my browser is "http://www.mysite.com/bookingstatus" instead of "http://www.destination.com/bookingstatus".

I guess that the site force me to submit my form from a browse

How to Calculate Mileage from Destination to Destination
by Matt Croydon in Travel
If you need to calculate mileage from destination to destination, the internet is the quickest and most reliable place to get this accomplished.
There are a multiple number of sites that will not only calculate mileage from destination to destination for you, but will let you know the quickest way to get there and what the mileage is based on which way you travel.
This article will guid

segue on destination view controller not working after programmatically going to destination view controller
by krismolendyke in Operating Systems

segues not working after going to destination view controller (which is in storyboard )programmatically from a button click of view controller (which is not in storyboard)

- (IBAction)OK:(id)sender {
UIStoryboard *myStoryboard = [UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"MainStoryboard" bundle:nil];
mainViewController *controller = (mainViewController *)[myStoryboard

In UDP, destination
by zealot1983 in Web Design

In UDP, destination IP and destination port number are used to demultiplex the packets, but in TCP destination IP, source IP, destination port number and source port numbers (4-tuple) all needed to distinguish between the connections why reasoning for this usage.

TAGS : destination

Destination Weddings in the USA
by Serbia in Weddings
If a destination wedding is your dream, there's no need to look beyond U.S. borders. There are a variety of beautiful and extravagant resorts across the continental United States with facilities and settings to accommodate every taste. These lovely locales provide extensive wedding services as well as a wide array of activities for your guests. Ocean Edge Resort, Cape CodThe Ocean Edge Resort i

About Destination Weddings
by kivava in Weddings
"Destination weddings" are weddings that take place outside the bride and groom's home area. They often involve international travel (most commonly to the Caribbean or other tropical destinations), but can also take place in different parts of the wedding couple's home country.
Because of logistics, distance and complexity, destination weddings often require different planning techniques and

EzAPI OLE DB Destination
by bicho44 in Programming Languages

I've searched all over and I now have to ask SO. I'm trying to construct a simple dataflow using EzAPI. It's been anything but easy, but I'm committed to figuring this out. What I can't figure out is how to get the EzOleDBDestination working. Here's my complete code

var a = new Application();
// using a template since it's impossible to set up an ADO.NET connect

lookup JMS destination from EJB
by clamum in Web Design

I'm trying to dynamically lookup a JMS destination from a within a MDB or EJB.

This is what I tried:

private SessionContext ctx;
public void sendMessage(Message aMess, String aDest) {
QueueConnection connect = null;
Destination dest = (Destination) this.ctx.lookup(aDest);
connect = this.connectionFactory.createQueueConnec


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