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Detect Desktop availability from Metro application (detect ARM, detect Windows RT system)
by Naxxy in Operating Systems

This is a question related to Get OS-Version in WinRT Metro App C# but not its duplicate.

Is there any option to detect from a Metro application whether there is the desktop feature available on the system? I understand that detection of the OS version is not supported and that is OK imo.

However my metro app needs to know whether there is a Desktop available on the syst

Detect Microphone State Change on Android to detect audio recording
by RockinZ28 in Android

I was trying to make an Android APP whose main function is to detect

if other android APPs are recording voice using Microphone. So far, I learned

that getRecordingState() from AudioRecord class can be used to get the state

of whether microphone is recording or not... but I need something like a broadcast

so I can catch the intent while the sta

How can I output a calculated value using .detect in Ruby on Rails? (or alternative to .detect)
by Skurge in Development Tools & Services

I currently have the following code:

events.detect do |event|
#detect does the block until the statement goes false
self.event_status(event) == "no status"

What this does is output the instance of event (where events is a string of different Models that all collectively call Events) when the event_status method outputs a "no status".


How to detect C# project type and / or how to detect Console availability
by Itchrelief in C & C++ & C#

I have two Windows services written in C#. One service is "Console Application" and second one is "Windows Application" (can't change it).
Both service applications can be executed in few modes (depending on command line arguments and Environment.UserInteractive flag):

when (Environment.UserInteractive == false) and...
when no cmd-line parameter is p

Can I detect certain browser (IE) setting (not change, detect)?
by taviso in Web Design

I was just looking at this stackoverflow question: Display web browser settings

And that helps.

But, I'm curious if I can detect certain IE specific settings. I'm thinking some of the stuff in the Advanced Tab (e.g. Is 'Enable Integrated Windows Authentication' on)?

Or that our site was added as a Trusted Site? And within the Trusted Site settings, "Atomati

Python script to detect malware website or procedure to detect malware on a website?
by Jesse McDowell in Programming Languages

I am very curious to know how malware detection (like google's safebrowsing) techniques work? Googling does not help my cause. I found some thing called cuckoobox which do such things.

Exactly how Malware detection of a website works? What may be the algorithm for that? What algorithm google safebrowsing etc uses?

Any python script available?

Detect Dir after / in a URL
by droom in Programming Languages

I want to write a PHP script which will first detect URL's and see if they have sub dir or not, if they are simple URL like site.com then it would write 1 in one of the DB's table but if the URL is something like this site.com/images or site.com/images/files then it should'nt do the query..

EDIT: Answer by Mob it works but doesnt work if there are more than one url

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How to detect if API is down?
by DevTim in Development Tools & Services

As I type this the fb:like button is down - the Facebook API health page is reporting errors

I am sure it will be back soon, but how can I detect this?
The reason being; I wish to hide other elements on the page as it looks odd when you have a facebook feature & then the button is missing.

TAGS : detect down

How to Detect DSL
by ChaseVoid in Internet
A digital subscriber line (DSL) connection is a high-speed Internet connection that uses your phone lines to connect to the Internet while allowing your phone lines to stay open. Windows offers a simple way to detect any Internet connection. Whether you are using a dial-up connection, broadband connection (such as DSL) or wireless, the steps to detect if your computer is connected to the Internet
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How to Detect Dvt
by Janko in Health
DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, refers to blood clot formation in a deep vein, usually in the calf or thigh. You may be at risk for DVT if you have surgery, especially if the procedure is on your lower extremities. Factors that may contribute to DVT are advancing age, smoking, obesity, prior history of DVT, estrogen use, current pregnancy, and genetic factors. If you suspect you have a DVT, you need
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