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how can i develop application for all android devices ? what setting can i put on simulator that work on most devices?
by LeeFlannery in Android

What simulator resolution i should keep when developing application for Samsung galaxy s2 and galaxy s3 ?

What i found that samsung galaxy s2 has 480x800 resolution and s3 has 1280x720 resolution so what i have understood up till now that I should ask my graphics designer to provide me hdpi graphics that contain 480x800 background images and to implement same background image in g

Getting error when sending APNS push to multiple devices i.e more than 3000 devices
by Omer72 in Programming Languages
[Tue Feb 05 00:16:13 2013] [error] [client] PHP Warning: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Connection timed out) in /chroot/updateapp_push.php on line 72
[Tue Feb 05 00:16:13 2013] [error] [client] PHP Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /chroot/updateapp_push.php on line 87

How may devices [ iPhone] can be bonded with single Peripherals [ Bluetooth Low Energy Devices]
by SpunkyJones in Operating Systems

Having looked upon the CoreBluetooth V4, not sure if i have missed to get the standard information about how may observers [ my case iPhone] can be bonded with single Bluetooth Low Energy Device?.

If peripheral could able to bond with multiple observers, then could it not be considered as a security issue ?

Kindly provide suggestion.

detecting all the bluetooth devices present in an area including the devices which are already paired
by xes in Programming Languages

I am willing to generate a list which has the list of all the bluetooth enabled devices in the phone's vicinity. The code which I have discovers the devices which are not paired. Is there a way to retrieve the devices which are also paired (if they fall with the vicinity)

The code which discovers all the devices in the vicinity is as follows

public void onCreate(Bundl

How can I index nearby devices into a UITableView and pair with the selected devices?
by enginecrew in Mobile Programming

How can I find nearby iPhones and iPods running the same application and index them into a UITableView? Then how would I go about pairing with the selected devices over bluetooth to carry out an undisclosed process?

difference between character devices vs Terminal devices vs Streams
by j0sh4tran in Programming Languages

I am unable to figure out the exact difference between character devices vs Terminal devices vs Streams. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


How can i classify between mobile devices and large screen devices .?
by Hai Nguyen in Web Design

Im bulding a web application , i have a two set fluid layout one for small screen devices and other for large screen.?
So how can i put my benchmark between these two catagory .?
I know how to put different css media queries and device detection technique in js.

But i want a general standard to differentiate between these two category

For eg: i have

How Can I Know The Registered Devices In My GCM Application Cloud (List Devices)
by Mytime34 in Programming Languages

1- let's Say I've Create A GCM Application In A Google Apis Console ...

How Can I List And View All The Devices Are Registered In My Application Cloud

To Perform An A Random Action Like Send A Push Notification to them ?

2- Should I Create A database to Store The Registration IDs Returned By Registered Devices
If I Use My Own Server Like (Asp.net)


Merging devices in Windows 7 Devices and Printers
by Anton Tupy in Operating Systems

My company makes a product that includes both a display and a USB input device. Right now they show up as two separate icons in Devices and Printers, and we'd obviously like them to be exposed as one.

According to the documentation at MSDN, the way to do this is to provide a ContainerID through one means or another, but display devices are not mentioned at all. Does any

Google TV : Supported Android devices 0 devices
by Lathentar in Android

image link

this is my Google TV application manifest which i uploaded on google play end i get message "0 devices are suported" can someone tell my what i'm making wrong
(i want to target googleTV devices)

<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

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