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PC Diagnostic Help
by Scott Smith in Computers
When your computer is not working, it can be a chore to figure out which of the hardware and software components are causing the problem. It can be expensive to consult a computer repair technician for diagnostics, especially if they end up finding out the problem could have been repaired yourself. With a bit of research and the right software, you can learn to make simple repairs to your computer
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What Will a Car Diagnostic Tell You?
by riahc3 in Cars
Performing a car diagnostic can reveal a number of problems associated with the transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system and other components of the vehicle. Modern vehicles designed with computer processors, microchips and sensors can be linked to a car diagnostic computer scan to pinpoint exactly where the problem exists. The scans are performed at a dealership or at the garage of certif

How to Do a PC Diagnostic
by ArdentRogue in Computers
Keeping your PC in good health requires the usage of diagnostic and repair tools. Running these diagnostic tools constitutes part of a good computer maintenance routine. A number of these tools are incorporated into your operating system and can be accessed at any time. However, there are also several third party tools that are useful too. Depending on your system's configuring, running a full PC
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TB Diagnostic Methods
by Zivic in Health
Tuberculosis is a potentially fatal infectious disease that affects the lungs. The infection can remain asymptomatic but in some cases will develop in to the fully active form of the disease. The symptoms of TB include coughing, bloody sputum, weight loss and fever. The disease is spread through the air when infected people cough or sneeze. Skin TestThe Mantoux skin test offers a simple method

What Is a Diagnostic Assessment?
by rajnesh in Health
Diagnostic assessment enables researchers or scientists to make discoveries through the use of scientific method or equipment depending on the circumstance of the particular situation. Such discoveries require actions to either cure or remedy the situation. Following is a discussion of diagnostic assessment and its application within the medical field. Definition of Diagnostic AssessmentDiagnos

The Best Car Diagnostic Tool
by dlock13 in Cars
All cars made after 1996 are required to contain an onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. Diagnostic codes are sent through the vehicle's computer and read by diagnostic tools plugged into the OBD port. These tools are used by automotive technicians and automotive parts stores. Parts stores will usually charge for such a service. Diagnostic tools are not cheap but they are an investment that can save hu

PC Diagnostic Tools
by David Porter in Computers
PC diagnostic tools and services are in abundance on the Internet. However, you will be happy to know that Windows has the most important PC diagnostic tools already installed at purchase. Categories of ToolsThe Windows operating system includes a suite of diagnostic tools, such as Disk Defragmenter, Check Disk, Disk Cleanup and System Backup/Restore.
Antivirus and Malware UtilitiesAll compu
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What Is PEP Lab & Diagnostic Testing?
by luger in Health
Protein electrophoresis (PEP) tests refer to lab tests used to screen and diagnose a variety of conditions. PEP tests may be performed on samples of blood serum (sometimes called SPEP) or urine (sometimes called UPEP). FeaturesLaboratory specialists analyze PEP tests by putting the urine or blood sample on special paper and sending an electrical current through the sample. The electrical curren

How to Become a Diagnostic Doctor
by joth in Careers & Job Searching
Diagnostic doctors, or pathologists, are responsible for diagnosing various conditions and diseases within the human body. Pathologists often divide their time between a hospital and laboratory. While in a laboratory, pathologists perform tests on blood, tissue, cells and bodily fluids; in hospitals they meet with patients and other medical personnel to consult on cases. According to Indeed.com, a

Lab & Diagnostic Testing
by Guilherme Costa in Health
Lab testing for diagnostic purposes refers to more than the performance of various assays at different testing labs. It also involves all the research that goes into the development of new drugs, new equipment, and new diagnostic tests. People Behind Lab Diagnostic TestingResearch scientists, research associates and technicians work together to determine the best materials and methodology for p

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