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Is It Difficult to Become a LPN?
by oferrer in Careers & Job Searching
A licensed practical nurse is a professional health care worker occupation that will always be in demand. With the right scheduling and planning, most people finish this type of nurse training within one year. Time FrameAccording to the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), local community colleges and vocational schools have educational programs for licensed
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Is Getting an MBA Difficult?
by ivoidwarranties in Education
For those interested in pursuing a career in corporate management, running their own business or aspire for an executive position with a corner office, attaining an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) might be the key for higher level, more lucrative employment opportunities (see Reference 1). Setting aside the time, energy, money and effort to earn this degree is challenging; many who do so

difficult sql query :
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Databases

I have a table containing many columns, I have to make my selection according to these two columns:

-216 AZA
215 AZA
56 EA
-55 EA
66 EA
-03 AR
03 OUI
-999 OP
999 OP
04 AR
87 AR

The expected output is

66 EA
03 OUI
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Difficult XML Parser
by kiirpi in Programming Languages

I actually work with XML file in PHP. I used simpleXML for my basic xml files. But now I have a different xml file and SimpleXML isnt enough good solution. From my xml I need to get from zbozi kod and počet . Have you any solutions?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DataSet xmlns="http://www.atcomp.cz/webservices">
<xs:schema id="StavySkladu" xml
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Difficult Random
by cubby1223 in Programming Languages

how to (even logically) random at least one e.g. Id from database which has specified column value?

I mean I have in database table id, question id, answer text value and bool (if answer is correct) columns and I want to get e.g. three answers Ids, that (at least) one of them is correct.

Many thanks for your help in advice!

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Difficult query (DB2)
by nchaimov in Coding

Suppose I have a table called spitems with the following fields:

spitemid (unique key)
modifiedon (timestamp)
a number of other unsignificant fields

What I want to retrieve, is the spitem rows with the highest modifiedon day for each parentid.

However, be aware that the modifiedon timestamp is not unique, so it is possible that for one parent

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ASP.net MVC Localization | why do it the difficult way?
by denis280 in Programming Languages

Main question:

Why use custom localization helpers if there is something built-in doing the same already?

Long story

Currently I have been reading many options to localize your asp.net mvc website. Most of the posts are old, from oktober 22 2008 for instance.

I think one of the most linked option is the following: Matt Hawley on eWorld. This opt

How difficult is it to use the NetBeans RCP?
by AdamK47 in Programming Languages

I need to write a GUI for a Java desktop application and I want to use something more / better than Swing. What is the learning curve for the NetBeans RCP like? The learning curve for Eclipse RCP is so bad that it's not worth considering:

"Right now, after one week of training, a RCP newbie just touched the very basic things of RCP. This is one reason why many big industry compani

How to End a Difficult Relationship
by Topher Cyll in Relationships & Family
Breaking up with a significant other is never easy no matter why you are ending the relationship. Difficult relationships can pose more challenges, especially if your partner has been abusive or has anger management issues. Choosing to end a bad relationship can seem like a daunting task but staying with someone who makes you unhappy is not a good alternative. Seek the advice and support of your f

Are Crocosmia Difficult?
by Copter in Home & Garden
Monbretia (Crocosmia spp.) hail from South Africa and may be grown as clump-forming perennials in a sunny garden. Montbretia are difficult if their basic cultural needs aren't met. GeographyMontbretia plants are hardy outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 6 through 9. Elsewhere, plant the bulb-like corms in spring and lift them in fall to overwinter indoors. If winter

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