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How to Calculate Overhead Rates For Direct Labor Using the Direct Method
by JEDIYoda in Business
Overhead rates are developed by companies to determine the proper cost of doing business. They are used to allocate costs to products or services. Companies can use the direct method to develop an appropriate overhead rate, derived by using the indirect costs of a business and the direct labor costs of the business.
Indirect costs refer to business costs that cannot be traced to any specific

Compare Direct and Non-Direct ByteBuffer get/put operations
by Mattias Reichel in Programming Languages

Is get/put from a non-direct bytebuffer faster than get/put from direct bytebuffer ?

If I have to read / write from direct bytebuffer , is it better to first read /write in to a thread local byte array and then update ( for writes ) the direct bytebuffer fully with the byte array ?

How to Create CRM With Direct Mail & Direct Marketing
by DaleS in Business
Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, is a company-wide business strategy used to help companies lower costs and increase profits by nurturing customer loyalty. CRM is a customer-centric strategy that can be accomplished by using a variety of marketing tactics. One way to create loyal customers with a CRM program is by using direct mail and direct marketing, in which a company sends

How Can I Calculate Direct Labor Cost When Using Manufacturing Overhead & Direct Material Cost?
by HoagieMon in Business
Income statements disclose a business' revenues earned and expenses incurred in one single accounting time period. One of the most prominent and important class of expenses is cost of sales, which is also sometimes called cost of goods sold or cost of services depending on the nature of the business' revenue-producing activities. Cost of sales is the sum of all costs incurred by the business in ac

disable direct child handler of SlidingDrawer and use it via button that not it's direct child
by Mandaris in Programming Languages

I want to use SlidingDrawer but I need to open it from button which not the child of the SlidingDrawer, can I disable the handler and open the drawer via a button that outside the FrameLayout that wraps the drawer object, or maybe I need to use other object that performs like the SlidingDrawer?

What Is Direct HDL?
by micaleel in Health
Direct HDL is a laboratory test that determines the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol by measuring directly in human serum, shortening turnaround time and saving labor costs, according to a study published in "Clinical Chemistry." SignificanceA direct HDL test can be performed as part of a lipid profile, which checks for HDL, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
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How to Set Up NBC Direct
by JoeKaras in Arts & Entertainment
Online video has changed the way people watch television. Many cable and broadcast shows once only available through a TV can now be accessed on a computer for streaming or downloading. NBC Direct is a free application that allows users to watch and download selected NBC content on their computers. At the time of publication, the software was in Beta phase and available only for the Microsoft Wind
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How to Direct Your DNS
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Computers
Directing and changing your computer's DNS (domain name server) allows you to choose what IP server you are connecting through when online. Editing and directing the DNS from your computer does not require extensive computer knowledge or skills but may require Internet access. Various options are available for changing your DNS depending on your current Internet service provider as well as your ow
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How to Set Up a Direct TV Box
by LinAdmin in Electronics
Setting up a DirecTV box in your home is a simple process that should not take longer than a few minutes to complete successfully. DirecTV offers satellite television service to paying customers with a high quality picture and a myriad of regular and premium channel options. The company offers the most channels available in the current satellite TV market. While setting up your DirecTV box may sou
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What Is a Direct IRA?
by Zog in Personal Finance
Using the term "direct" when referring to Individual Retirement Accounts refers to one of two possibilities. The first is a type of IRA where you make all investment decisions, known as a self-directed IRA. The second is how retirement assets can move tax-free from one plan to another, known as a direct rollover. Self-Directed IRAA self-directed IRA is a term that describes any IRA account wher
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