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Google Maps V3 Directions Panel - a way to turn off step directions functionality?
by Orkspalter in Web Design

Basically I want to turn off the feature that centers the map on each turn when you click on Directions Panel step.

Is there a way to disable that feature?

PS: i tried:

suppressMarkers: true,
suppressInfoWindows: true,

but those only take out the markers and infowindows - it still centers the map on the turn point when its clicked

Android Google Directions Service usable natively? with wrapper framework? Public transit/biking directions available?
by Chris Woods in Development Tools & Services

Some Questions about Android and Google Directions Service:

Is there a native way on Android to use the Directions Service from Google or are there any nice Wrapper Frameworks?
I would like to retrieve the time needed to get from A to B and maybe show the route in a table and/or map.

As far as I know directions can only be retrieved for "walking" and "driving". Is

how to get Route directions between two points on a map to draw driving directions?
by Europe in Programming Languages

is there a way to use core location or google or some other api to provide two points on the map and get the resulting set of latitude/longitude pairs for the route?

i have seen in this tutorial Drawing polyines or routes on a MKMapView that how to draw driving direction using core graphics...but in the sample code it has route.csv which has predefined set of longitudes and latitude

Negative Directions and Positive Directions for Preschoolers
by Jim Davis in Education
Preschool-eligible children range in age from 3 to 5 years old. Children at this level are still struggling to understand the correlation between some words and what they mean. When giving them directions, it's important to keep your focus and talk to them in a way they'll understand. Realize that providing preschoolers with instructions is not the same as providing them to adults; preschoolers ca

Google Maps directions V3: Multiple directions on a map
by brainhulk in Web Design

I am trying to render multiple directions(well, their Polylines, essentially) on a single instance of a map. In the prior version of the maps API, I did something like

//directions[] stores the GDirections objects
//x[] is an array of Elements extracted from an XMLHTTPResponse object
//iterating over the values in x[]
GEvent.addListener(directions[i], "load", funct

Display driving directions using Google directions API
by Mykola Novik in Programming Languages

In my app i am creating a route from source to destination and using google directions api, to display the driving directions in textbox also. I am parsing the direction response in json format and displaying the html instructions.
The problem is suppose i am at A location and a turn is there at B location, then i am getting the html instruction related at the B location when i had reache

How to get driving directions from the directions api response?
by Niels Kloster in Programming Languages

I am trying to draw a route on google maps in android.
For that I use the google direction api to get the route points http://code.google.com/intl/de-DE/apis/maps/documentation/directions/

Now I would like to know how to get the directions arrow (like: turn left,...)
from the json response of this api.

A response look like:


MFC, just need some directions
by tdowg1 in Programming Languages

I usually don't expect help from outside but I need to solve this quickly and hence am looking for some directions. I have a 6 year old MFC based application running in an xp machine and deleted some files/programs to free some space in C drive to install additional applications. After installing my new program (Labview 8.6), I find that I'm no longer able to run the MFC based one. I tried doin

Directions for DD-WRT
by YuriyLazarev in Computers
Custom firmware is not limited to video game consoles and smartphones. Wireless routers, like the Linksys WRT54G, can also have custom firmware installed onto it to improve its usability. DD-WRT is one of the many different custom firmware options available for the WRT54G, and with it comes constant updates from its developers.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
DD-WRT install fil
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Directions for a CMS 672
by Idaho in Health
Also referred to as HCFA Form 672, CMS 672 is a form used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It is used primarily when billing for care services provided in long-term care facilities such as a nursing home. Used to document the census and conditions of patients, the CMS 672 should be filled out by an employee of the facility in which a patient is currently receiving care, and then
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