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Is that possible, at compile time, to disable guava's Preconditions like we disable Java 1.4's assert keyword?
by mndoci in Java

I used to insert java1.4's assertion construct in my codes and find it really practical because it allows me to enable the inserted assertions in debug- time and disable them at compile-time.

My question is:
whether it is possible to do the same thing to the modern Preconditions.checkArgument(..) etc in Guava's library?
This is important to know. We may have plenty of gua

How to disable, enable, then disable again scrolling in ipad/iphone with e.preventDefault();?
by Rick James Astley in Web Design

I have it disabled already, and I can enable it again.
I used:

document.ontouchmove = function(e){

In the document.ready(); to disable it.

And I used this to enable it.

function doTouchMove(state) {
document.ontouchmove = function(e){
return state;

how to disable status bar or notification bar but not disable title bar in android?
by Stone in Android

I want to disable status bar or notification bar in android. I use android:theme="@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen" for disable it but it makes my title bar disable too. how can I only disable status bar?

Can I disable/remove disable from buttons if functions are met?
by Miklebud in Programming Languages

I am setting up a function known as insertQuestion where it appends table rows. I also have a startVideoUpload() function where it starts the uploading and a stopVideoUpload() function where it stops the file upload.
Now I mentioned in those functions that if the uploading is happening, disable the Upload buttons, if the uploading has sto

How to disable UIButton and disable touchEvent responder?
by Kiltec in Programming Languages

I have IBOutlet UIButton. It doesn't respond to touchesBegan:withEvent: when it's enabled. But when I set [button setEnabled:NO] and click to rect where it is, it goes to touchesBegan:withEvent:.

How to disable UIButton, and disable touchEvent responder?
I had tried [button setEnabled:NO]

Can I disable a drop down list without using disable in javascript?
by Kevin in Javascript

I have a drop down list that gets enabled/disabled based on a checkbox onclick. On my debugging my object reference is not set when my checkbox is disabled in my controller.


Subject = Request.Form["DetailSelect" + rowID].ToString();


ddlSelect.disabled = !ddlSelect.disabled;


gdm3 disable dpms. Who know how it disable?
by mkmitch in Web Design

Install debian 6.0.6. Disable from command line

xset -dpms
xset s off

dpms and screensaver by xset. But it switch off monitor (orange light) still.
I'm look and something else from here: Some site. But this don't work. Some people said that is gdm3 manage by dpms. Anybody can to tell me what i wrote in rc.local that start with system and switch off

How to disable Jqgrid disable while loading ?
by bmg in Programming Languages

When my grid is loading data from server (the Loading box is showed) but the gird is still enable for effect.

Some one please help me to disable grid on loading process. Tks in advance !

Can I Disable the Creation and Storage of LSO or Flash Cookie By Disable Adobe Flash Player?
by MadViking in Web Design

Can I Disable the Creation and Storage of LSO or Flash Cookie By Disable Adobe Flash Player?

Since it's a flash, I can just disable adobe flash player and it's all gone right.

jQTouch disable scrolling, enable scrolling, to disable scrolling
by Jesper in Mobile Programming

I'm working with jQTouch and I'm using the animations to link to different href #ids on the same page. On some pages I would want to disable scrolling, and others I want to enable scrolling. By setting disabled scrolling onload then enabling it onlick to another id it will work. However, I cannot switch back to disabled scrolling. Any ideas?

function e(){
document.ontouchmove = f

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