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Ajax display using php to display navigation with image display in directory
by 1sikbITCH in PHP

Hi can someone help me with this project here is the image

I'm having multiple problems if anyone can help me with this and some coding in here The image.php which has the blue image uses php that get's the image name, description , etc and the image is stored in a directory that the php calls only the name..

the problem is that when i call the page the image doesn't sho

detect property display from no display to display block
by Aaviel in Web Design

I am trying to detect when an elements display property has changed. Initially the element has no display property. I want to alert when the element has changed. I've tried the following the code, but nothing alerts.

document.getElementById('xxx').addEventListener('DOMAttrModified', function(e){
if (e.attrName === 'style') {
if (e.newValue === 'block') {

how can I manage to display the table Product Display Node at the frontpage of my website instead of the default product display
by fayoh in Web Design

I have seen and managed to do my products to be displayed like this http://vimeo.com/22746978 so I made the table of my products but how can I manage to display this table at the frontpage of my website so as when customer types example.com will see the table and not the default product display?
A hint is when you make this Product display node, drupal makes you a url that you can see it

float:left; vs display:inline; vs display:inline-block; vs display:table-cell;
by ChristianM in Web Design
My Question(s)

Are any of these methods preferred by a professional web designer?

Are any of these methods prefereed by a web browser when drawing the website?

Is this all just personal preference?

Are there other techniques I'm missing?

Note: Above questions are in regards to designing a multi-column layout



CQWP display posts from multiple blog sites - NumComments doens't display
by DeadFred in Software

We've just upgraded SharePoint from 2007 to 2010.

I've edited a CQWP that points to a site containing multiple blog sub-sites, and it grabs the latest posts from these sites, and displays the latest 5 on my homepage.

I can get all fields to display, except the @NumComments - which is frustrating because I found it really useful.

It works fine if you point to

Loop through PHP function, display userdata from Mysql - limit to display to 25 items and add next button
by Meski in PHP

I have this PHP function, which I use to display my userdata. If run once it will basicly display a div with the userdata in it.

function listings($fornavn, $efternavn, $email, $adresse, $tlf, $postnr, $city, $fodselsdag, $brugerid,$bartype,$idbar)
<div class="container">
<span class="records" id="id-<?php echo $brugerid;?>"&

jQuery slideToggle() Issues - Change display:block to display:inline-table?
by jmccliment in Web Design

I'm using jQuery's slideToggle() function to control the expand/collapse feature of my website. Currently, I only have one page which has been developed upon before I implement it across the site; here it is.

By default, jQuery slideToggle() uses display="block" which isn't helping me. I'd like to make it use display="inline-table" instead when a panel is expanded, and revert back t

Display: none, loads page with sliding panel shut but does not display Google map correctly
by Alatar in Web Design

Ok I have a sliding panel on my website (http://www.security-vacancies.net/index.php) when the link view map is pressed the sliding panel opens to show a Google map.

The problem i have is that the CSS map element has the following

Display: none

With this in place when the web page loads the panel is closed and when i open the sliding panel the

How to display graphical layout previews for different user selected display font sizes
by Steve Downing in Programming Languages

The ADT (ver 21) allows preview thumbnails for various displays.
Android allows the user to select a small/normal/large/huge font size in Settings->Display.
The Android setting may affect the display setting, requiring additional design considerations.

Is there a way to preview a "Normal" display font selection, as well as a "Huge" font selection?

QEgl::display(): Cannot initialize EGL display: “Success (0x3000)” Error QML
by tl1000sv in Operating Systems

I am building an App using Qt/QML. I can successfully compile it but while running I am getting this error:

QEgl::display(): Cannot initialize EGL display: "Success (0x3000)"
QEglContext::chooseConfig(): Could not find a suitable EGL configuration
Requested: "type=es2 rgba=0,0,0,0 surface-type=window"

Also, it does not show any a

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