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Distributing a jar
by George H. in Programming Languages

I'm distributing a jar file, with associated libraries, media, documentation, etc. I would like to create a simple deb/rpm package for linux users, and I would also like to distribute this for windows. What is the best way to go about setting up the jar to play nicely with debs? Every deb file I've looked at so far has been c/c++ with a makefile, which isn't at all helpful. How do I package my

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Distributing a LWJGL Jar
by Scott Smith in Development Tools & Services

I need help, I followed the following tutorial on setting up my project.


And I added the following run command

-Djava.library.path='C:Program Files (x86)Javalwjgl-2.8.3

And my project wors great in netbeans, however I can't distribute my applicati

Distributing mfc42.dll - is it still necessary?
by AFurryReptile in Operating Systems

I'm working on a new product that uses an Active-X control that requires the Microsoft Foundation Class and XML Parser libraries:

MFC42.DLL (6.00.8447.0)
MSVCRT.DLL (6.00.8397.0)
MSXML3.DLL (8.00.7820.0)
MSXML3A.DLL (8.00.7820.0)
MSXML3R.DLL (8.00.7820.0)

Since my product is only for Windows XP and newer, I was wondering if it is necessary to inc

distributing workload
by Dittmar in Databases

I have a requirement to process a huge amount of data.Currently i am using single tomcat instance in single physical server .But,using single tomcat instance in single physical server it is slow.So,for performance gain what can be proper solution in this type of situation.My understanding for this solutions are
1.Running multiple tomcat instances and distributing the workload within sin

Distributing points (integers) in C#
by GunnarHafdal in C & C++ & C#

Basically I am trying to make a points system, everything is done except from distributing points.

For example, I have an array that stores the points (Key is the players ID):

array[0] = 0
array[1] = 0
array[2] = 3
array[3] = 3
array[4] = 5

So from this I have to go to the following points system:
5 for 1st
4 for 2nd<

Distributing localized winforms app
by dcutting in Development Tools & Services

This is related to my early post today: link text

So now I have demo winforms app with two different localizations, one english, one spanish. Now let's say I have a big app, let's say it supports localizations in 15 different languages. In the previous post, it was suggested that I add a few lines when the form is initialized to set the localization. Currently I'm using click once t

Distributing classes or namespaces
by Train in Programming Languages

I would have a question related rather to process of team programming than programming itselft. If you are a programmer working in a team and you are responsible for particular part of the software - you deliver namespace or classes? I mean, in reality, I think that programmer creates more than one class so creating a namespace to provide the other programmers with seems to me to be correct. Is

Distributing a python application
by vb.net in Programming Languages

I have a simple python application where my directory structure is as follows:


Config.py only loads configuration files, it does not contain any configuration info in itself.

I now want to distribute this program, and I thought I'd use setuptools to do it. The file users are expect

Distributing apps compliant with iOS 3.0 +
by Anthony Perkins in Mobile Programming

I've been working on an app that I've successfully built for iTouch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, running iOS 3.0+.
It worked fine when I plugged it in to Xcode and built from there. However, after submission to the app store, it only builds on iOS 4.0.
Are there any obvious reasons why?
My build settings were:
Active Architecture: armv7
Architectures: Standard (arm

Distributing a Perl Application
by hunaid mushtaq in Programming Languages

I recently created a little Perl application that utilizes a few non-core modules that will need to be installed via CPAN.

Is there a way to distribute the application with the ability to check to see if the required modules are installed and pull them from CPAN if they aren't? I suppose I am looking for something similar to the CPAN auto-dependency-install feature.

I th

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