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Distributing a jar
Category : Programming Languages

I'm distributing a jar file, with associated libraries, media, documentation, etc. I would like to create a simple deb/rpm package for linux users, and I would also like to distribute this for windows. What is the best way to go about setting up the jar to play nicely with debs? Every deb file I've looked at so far has been c/c++ with a makefile, which isn't at all helpful. How do I package my

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distributing workload
Category : Databases

I have a requirement to process a huge amount of data.Currently i am using single tomcat instance in single physical server .But,using single tomcat instance in single physical server it is slow.So,for performance gain what can be proper solution in this type of situation.My understanding for this solutions are
1.Running multiple tomcat instances and distributing the workload within sin

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Distributing mfc42.dll - is it still necessary?
Category : Operating Systems

I'm working on a new product that uses an Active-X control that requires the Microsoft Foundation Class and XML Parser libraries:

MFC42.DLL (6.00.8447.0)
MSVCRT.DLL (6.00.8397.0)
MSXML3.DLL (8.00.7820.0)
MSXML3A.DLL (8.00.7820.0)
MSXML3R.DLL (8.00.7820.0)

Since my product is only for Windows XP and newer, I was wondering if it is necessary to inc

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Distributing a LWJGL Jar
Category : Development Tools & Services

I need help, I followed the following tutorial on setting up my project.


And I added the following run command

-Djava.library.path='C:Program Files (x86)Javalwjgl-2.8.3

And my project wors great in netbeans, however I can't distribute my applicati

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Distributing a HTML Document
Category : Web Design

I am creating a HTML 5 user manual. This contains a number of image folders and js fodlers. Now i wish to distribute this as a single document. In Windows there is mht or something to that effect. Is there any way I can do this on ubuntu that is not browser or OS dependent?

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Distributing iPhone Ad Hoc Updates
Category : Mobile Programming

I am using ad hoc distribution to run a beta test program and have run into a couple issues with distributing app updates. The only way I have been able to get an app update on a device through ad hoc distribution is to delete the app from the device first and then install the update. This adds extra steps for beta testers and erases their app settings.

Is there a way to install a

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Distributing IronPython applications
Category : Programming Languages

I'm thinking of developing a small application using IronPython, however I want to distribute my app to non-techies and so ideally I want to be able to give them a standard shortcut to my application along with the instructions that they need to install IronPython first.

If possible I even want my shortcut to detect if IronPython is not present and display a suitable warning if this

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Distributing localized winforms app
Category : Development Tools & Services

This is related to my early post today: link text

So now I have demo winforms app with two different localizations, one english, one spanish. Now let's say I have a big app, let's say it supports localizations in 15 different languages. In the previous post, it was suggested that I add a few lines when the form is initialized to set the localization. Currently I'm using click once t

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Distributing MVC structure on different servers
Category : Programming Languages

I'm running an application written in PHP and cakePHP 1.2 framework.
The application itself consists of million lines of code and it is REALLY hard to maintain and improve.
Since it's written using cakePHP 1.2, it normally runs under PHP 5.2.
I have installed APC and Memcache and I've already optimized the code to run under PHP 5.3.

But it still lacks performance. for

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Distributing git configuration with the code
Category : Programming Languages

In trying to standardise the platform for the developers, one of my needs would be to commit the .git/config so that everybody have the same CRLF config without forgetting to set it by hand.

How do I set this up?

I'm a bit concerned by all this negativity against autocrlf. Why not remove this feature if it doesn't work? Either the makers of this

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