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How to Enforce a Divorce Decree for College Expenses According To New Jersey Divorce Law
by mhedberg in Legal
In the state of New Jersey, the responsibility of a parent to provide financial support continues until the child is emancipated. As there is no set age for emancipation in New Jersey, support may be ordered past the age of 18 and may consist of payment of college expenses. If your divorce decree includes provisions for college expenses and the other parent has failed to fulfill court-ordered obli

How to Change a Divorce Agreement After a Divorce Is Finalized in Colorado
by CodeOfficer in Legal
In a Colorado divorce, the spouses may choose to submit an agreement for the court's approval as their divorce decree. If the court has already finalized your divorce decree, you still can ask for a court order to change some of the terms from your divorce, such as spousal maintenance, child support or child custody. According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, however, you generally

How to Change an Uncontested Divorce to a Contested Divorce in California
by damomurf in Legal
In an uncontested divorce the spouse who sues for divorce, called the petitioner, and the spouse who is sued, called the respondent, agree on the terms contained in a marital settlement agreement. A divorce may be uncontested even if one spouse responds to the other's petition for divorce as long as the spouses agree on the settlement. A default divorce is by definition uncontested. In order to

How to Fill Out Divorce Papers for a Divorce Without Children in California
by LadyCoconut in Legal
A divorce, also referred to as a dissolution of marriage, ends a marriage. If you have no children and the divorce is uncontested, meaning both spouses agree to the terms, you may qualify for a summary dissolution. It is quick, easy and going to before a judge is unnecessary. To qualify, the couple must have been married for less than five years, have no children, not own real estate, not have mor

How to Prepare For A Divorce With Free Divorce Forms
by tong in Relationships & Family
Filing for divorce can become a very difficult journey to take. On the other hand, there are less complicated ways to deal with a divorce by using free divorce forms. Free divorce forms eliminates the need and high cost of attorney fees.
These forms are available online for your convenience and will give you a good idea of how the divorce procedure works.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

How to Obtain an Inexpensive Divorce (Cheap Divorce)
by demetris in Personal Finance
A cheap divorce is easier when both sides agree to part ways. The money you save in an inexpensive divorce is better spent on raising children and or taking care of yourself. Though you may not be able to perfectly agree on everything, there are still ways to minimize any expenses that may arise during a divorce.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Decide to make your divorce an uncontested o

What Is the Difference Between a Divorce Decree & Divorce Certificate?
by DOOR3 James in Legal
The U.S. Surgeon General's office reports that divorce is one of the most common causes of depression and anxiety. Parsing legal information can be a source of additional stress. It's not easy to keep up with legal documents when going through a difficult time. Unless you are an attorney who practices family law, it is unlikely that you have expertise in divorce law. To minimize stress, learn the

How to Contest a Divorce After a Divorce Is Final
by Al Velella in Legal
Contesting a divorce judgment in most states is a costly, lengthy and, generally, a long-shot endeavor. Some terms of divorce settlements are almost never permanent, such as alimony and child support payments or visitation terms. These issues usually are revisited and modified if circumstances change, and without an actual appeal of the judgment. Contesting other terms of a divorce judgment, espec

Divorce Record & Divorce Law
by André Rocheleau in Legal
Divorce law can be complex and confusing, as each state has its own laws that govern divorce. Yet there are also similarities between different divorce laws: State laws always establish grounds for divorce, residency requirements, and principles for property division and child custody decisions. States also differ in how they store divorce records and make them available to interested parties afte

Divorce Advice for Men Who Don't Want a Divorce
by cerebusPu in Relationships & Family
If you are a divorcing man who does not want a divorce, it is likely that you are the respondent in your divorce case. Your wife is the one who filed for the divorce. The desire to resolve marital disagreements without going through with a divorce is very commendable, especially when children are involved. FactsA general principle of divorce law is that, if a marital reconciliation is at all po

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