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Error when wrapping the view of a 3rd-party Django app? (Facebook, django-socialregistration, django-profiles)
by beebob in Development Tools & Services

I'm using django-socialregistration to manage my site's connection with Facebook.

When a user clicks the "Connect with Facebook" button, I am able to automatically create a new Django user and log them in. However, I also need to create a UserProfile (my AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE) record for them which contains their Facebook profile information (email, name, location).

I be

(django initial setup) Django installation is redirecting all traffic to django page, fix?
by BiaachMonkie in Programming Languages

I'm a complete newbie to Django. I've been trying to get it working on my Ubuntu server.

everytime someone my server, it redirects to the "Congratulations on your first Django-powered page." It completely ignores the index.html file in the www directory. Why is that? Is there a away to make it so that it only goes to the django page when I goto a subdomain /testproject instead?

django django-imagekit django-cumulus random syntax errors
by piratus in Web Design

I have been using django-imagekit and django-cumulus now for a while in my app with Rackspace and I seem to be getting random errors, these do not occur on a regular basis, but more on an irregular basis.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

The error seems to appear on {% for gun in guns %}

<div style="margin-to

Django-cms and django-wiki conflicts in required django-mttp version
by mikieb in Web Design

I Am trying to install both django-wiki and django-cms....
But using the newest version of both I get this conflict:

django-cms 2.3.5 requires 'django-mptt>=0.5.1,<0.5.3'

for django-cms see: http://docs.django-cms.org/en/2.3.5/index.html

django-wiki says: (see https://github.com/benjaoming/django-wiki)


Django 1.4 deprecates ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX but my project was started using Django 1.3 so having issue while using in Django 1.4
by GregoryWE in Web Design

I started a project in Django 1.3 and have recently installed Django 1.4 on another machine and continued my project on Django 1.4.

Django 1.4 deprecated the ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX setting so I removed it, but now there is some other error that settings.ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX is not found. So what I can do to make my project work fine with Django 1.4?


Django: Views problem with Django + django-registration + jinja
by Hai Nguyen in Web Design

So, I have a django project that is using jinja2 rendering, and I also installed django-registration to make my life easier. I ran into the following problem:

Going to homepage I render it with jinja. In order to check for authentication, I have to use jinja's syntax, which is user.is_authenticated(). However, in regular django templating, this check is done with user.is_authenticat

django - django-taggit form with django-chosen
by Edo in Web Design

I would like to use django-taggit. I use Bootstrap to generate the form.
I use the widget as below for my form fields.
Questions are linked to several items for now, and I would like to link them to several tags as well.


class QuestionForm(ModelForm):
create = False
no_results = _("No results matched")
class Meta:
model = Qu

Editing django code within django - Django
by Finland in Programming Languages

just wondering if it would be possible in some experimental way, to edit django app code within django safely to then refresh the compiled files.

Would be great if someone has tried something similar already or has some ideas.

I would like to be able to edit small bits of code from a web interface, so I can easily maintain a couple of experimental projects.

Managing Django static files: with django-static or django-staticfiles?
by soup006 in Web Design

After doing a bit of googling, I found these projects to help with serving static files:django-static with Nginx, and django-staticfiles.

Is there anybody that has had experience with one, or preferably both of these approaches, and that can recommend one or the other, or a 3rd?

django-grappelli and django-brookie together cause the items for invoice and quote not to total up automatically
by acolomba in Web Design

I have a very specific problem.
I had a django project which was running the application django-brookie.
Everything worked fine.
I have since added django-grappelli to my project and everything works except for one small thing.

If you create a new invoice or quote it should total up the amount in your currency automatically. This is not working anymore and I really ca

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