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How to decide whether to store deep documents or thin related documents in a NoSQL database
by fstender in Databases
New To NoSQL

In my 8 years of web development I've always used a relational database. Recently I started using MongoDB for a simple, multi-user web app where users can create their own photo galleries.

My Domain

My Domain is quite simple, there are "users" > "sites" > "photo sets" > "photos".

I've been struggling on how to decide how to store these documents. I

MongoDB Schema Design - Many small documents or fewer large documents?
by Danny in Databases

I'm prototyping a conversion from our RDBMS database to MongoDB. While denormalizing, it seems as if I have two choices, one which leads to many (millions) of smaller documents or one which leads to fewer (hundreds of thousands) large documents.

If I could distill it down to a simple analog, it would be the difference between a collection with fewer Customer documents

Issue previewing Google Docs text documents using embed URL on Android Phones with Documents List API v3.0
by George Garchagudashvili in Android

I'm attempting to provide previews of Google Docs text documents in a WebView on Android. I'm using the Google Documents List API v3.0, from which I am receiving an link element containing an embed URL, e.g.:

<link rel="http://schemas.google.com/docs/2007#embed" type="text/html" href="https://docs.google.com/document/d/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/preview"/>

To prev

Cannot query MongoDB embedded documents using Doctrine2 that reference other documents
by Paul McKee in Coding

Essentially, I am trying to run the following query as it returns the correct results when run at the command line.

db.order_in_progress.find({ "orderProducts.carrierAccount.$id" : "50db39141311fa9421000000" });

I cannot get it to create the correct query using doctine2 though. My current query is below:

$qb = $this->createQueryBuilder();
how to Download and save xml in documents and then how to parse xml file from documents?
by LinnheCreative in Mobile Programming

In my app app i have to parsing a xml file downloaded from internet. How to download this xml and save in documents on iphone ? and then how can i start the parsing of XML saved in documents??

How to annotate the result documents with a count of child documents?
by jfraser in Databases

I have a collection of categories, each category document containing a link to its parent (except the root categories). Pretty simple so far.

I want to list the categories, and add a subcategory_count field to every document with the count of direct descendants.

How should I go about doing this? Could Map/Reduce be of use?

Mongo DB: How do I turn an array of documents into individual documents?
by MikeG in Programming Languages
"teachers" : [
{"name": "Lucy", "id": 3, course: "history"},
{"name": "Mark", "id": 6, "course": "maths"},
{"name": "Joan", "id": 20, course: "French"}

This document is in the "school" collection. I have been trying to access these imbedded documents using

How to Convert Microsoft Publisher Documents to Word Documents
by Dan Lowe in Computers
Sometimes it is necessary to use something you've created in Microsoft Publisher in Microsoft Word. This may be because you prefer designing in Publisher but need the final product in Word, because someone sent you a Publisher document you'd rather view in Word or because Publisher has features that Word doesn't. This may sound like a daunting task, but it's actually quite simple, and doesn't requ

How to Convert Electronic Documents Into Word Documents
by mhedberg in Computers
The most common format for electronic documents is the Portable Document Format (PDF) file type. The Adobe Acrobat full-version tool is the official application for creating, editing and securing PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat also includes functionality to convert PDF documents into other file types, including the Microsoft Word document (.doc) file type. Simply using the "Save Document As" functio

How do I Convert eFax Documents to PDF Documents for Free?
by bhakins in Computers
EFax is a popular online fax service that enables users to send and receive faxes over the Internet. The eFax service is a great alternative to maintaining a second phone line as a fax line. EFax provides an editing and conversion utility specifically for eFax faxed documents. The free eFax Messenger will enable the user to view and convert eFax documents to the Portable Document Format (PDF) file

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