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Internet Explorer CrossDomain Request doesnt work correctly and MS doesnt give onerror reasoning
by acheron in Web Design

I added variables in the request as per the Microsoft standard below, var openRetVal and var sendRetVal... Odd thing is, that they dont get anything returned in them, so did Microsoft lie in their own documentation?

I was working on a ajax request, and like usual, IE is a difficult specimen to work with. I found that instead of doing a AJAX request, i can do an XDR. My code in ch

PageViewController doesnt load any data or doesnt curl a page
by Rast in Web Design

Good day everyone!
I have this error since last week and i still cant figure whats the cause.

I have a ViewController with a button on it. Once the button is pressed, it will redirect to a PageView with a label that will display an array of object. My problem is that when the PageView is loaded, label is not found and it doesnt curl a page.

I have already initialized P

Map doesnt load when zoom changed, and PNG doesnt appear when using Chrome (for the last two day) and without changes to the script
by weenerdog in Development Tools & Services

For the last two days I have been having issues with my Gmaps App with Google Chrome and Safari. It works with Firefox and Opera.
It worked before and I haven't changed anything in my scripts or server for a while…

Firstly, the map is not updating when I auto zoom upon clicking a cluster or manual zoom after clicking a flag. I either see a grey map or a bad quality map.

LogIn Form Show message when Email and Password doesnt match or Email doesnt exist
by ozymandius42 in Programming Languages

I have a login form that shows a message when password input is wrong but email isnt. But it doesnt show anything when email or both arent right. I wanted it to show the message ("Password and email doesnt match") in both of those cases missing. Id really apreciate any help.

<div id="container">
<h1>Log In</h1>

Data Encryption using AES-256-CBC mode openssl , doesnt return the same size of data which doesnt need padding?
by Oli in Programming Languages

I am trying to use openssl AES to encrypt my data i found the pretty nice example in this link ., http://saju.net.in/code/misc/openssl_aes.c.txt
but the question i still could found the answer it padding the data although it perform a multiple of key size .
for example it needs 16 byte as input to encrypt or any multiple of 16
i gave 1024 including the null ., and it still give

Qt tells me that my SLOT doesnt exist, but with a make clean, make it doesnt complain anymore
by Czech Republic in Programming Languages

when i download a fresh copy from our SVN, make then run my program, Qt tells me that one of my SLOTS doesn't work but with a handy-dandy make clean then make, it seems to solve the problem. i continue to make changes in the code on my PC and that message never shows again.

Qt 4.6

has anyone had this problem?
and ideas?


ASP.NET MVC.NET jquery $.ajax (..) doesnt query ? / jsTree.refresh() doesnt query server?
by bicho44 in Web Design

i have a partial which contains a jsTree (jsTree.com). which i've setup to async loading of json data.
my controller returns json data in a format accepted by jsTree.

this all works perfectly, i can collapse node's and the subnodes are loaded asynchronally like it should.

but when i make a change to my database (simple change of a name) i want to refresh the conten

Msi Doesnt run from within c#
by Kneedragger in C & C++ & C#

I am trying to run an msi from c# using the Proces.Start method. the Msi is fine because i can run that normally. but when i try and run the msi within some c# code i receive the following error.

"This installation package could not
be opened. Verify that the package
exists, and that you can access it, or
contact the application vendor to
verify that th

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Div next to div. Should work but doesnt
by mysql in Web Design

I have this classic problem that seems impossible to solve for me. I just want two divs to float next to each other horizontally instead of vertically. I have read several solutions to this common problem but they doesnt seem to work for me.

margin-top: 260px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
background-color: #ffffff;
width: 700px;

Lightbox2 doesnt like IE8
by mitry in Web Design

view my page: http://tonyperson.com/art4art

click on the picture (woman study 01) in IE8 and the transparent black background does not go all the way down the page.... any help is appreciated!

I have tried many things in css like changing the height to 100% for the overlay div, etc...

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