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How to Make a Dogtown Board
by Paratus in Sports & Fitness
The local skateboard shop has become a virtually ubiquitous establishment in even the smallest of suburbs. However, it wasn't always that way. The first surfers that invented the phenomenon of skateboarding had to make their boards themselves. Among these early innovators were the Z-Boys of Dogtown. If you're interested in reliving the early years of skateboarding, build your own Dogtown skateboar
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How to Learn to Skateboard Dogtown Style
by Rast in Sports & Fitness
In the 1970s, a group of young surfers took their skills to the streets of Santa Monica and Venice, California, by hopping on skateboards and creating their own unique style of skateboarding. The area near the beach that the crew called home was often referred to as Dogtown. Mainly influenced by the free-flowing, fluid movements of surfing, Dogtown-style skateboarding introduced a whole new realm

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