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Is it possible to isolate domain.ext, sub1.domain.ext and sub2.domain.ext’s cookies from one another?
by mAuo in Web Design

I am developing a web app that is served from domain.ext. This web app uses cookie–based sessions and provides users with the ability to host a web pages containing custom JavaScript on a subdomain, ex. sub1.domain.ext, sub2.domain.ext. The subdomains do not use cookie–backed sessions.

Given this setup, is it possible to ensure the following?:

users at sub1.domain.ext c

Domain redirect from domain.tld// to domain.tld/ via .htaccess RewriteRule
by knockout-2.0 in Development Tools & Services

I just moved my Magento website from www.app-arena.com/apps/ to www.app-arena.com/.
In my .htaccess I have all my permanent redirects:

RedirectPermanent /apps/facebook-workshops.html /facebook-workshops.html
RedirectPermanent /apps/facebook-apps-bestseller.html /facebook-apps-bestseller.html

What is still not working and causing duplicate content is th

.htaccess - redirect domain.com and www.domain.com - to www.domain.com/en
by Kneedragger in Development Tools & Services

I have a language setup on my pages, so that my root page will always be domain.com/en

So what im looking to do is redirect all queries to domain.com and www.domain.com to domain.com/en.

Any ideas?

how do i rewrite www.domain.com to another domain's /www/domain.com/index.php?
by Steven Weber in Programming Languages

i have this on my htaccess currently:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/www/
RewriteRule (.*) /www/$1/index.php

but i keep getting an error page

what im trying to do is to register a lot of domains for clients
and just store all their websites' files on a folder named "theirdomain.com" on my domain's www folder.

“ Error App Domain is not a valid domain.” But It IS a valid domain
by Flapdrol1337 in Development Tools & Services

Trying to register app gave me:

Error App Domain: http://www.universalfather.info is not a valid domain.

But it IS a valid domain. Is this because it is a ".info" website?

How to make an Active Directory query from VBScript on a non-domain computer using domain credentials
by br4dz in Development Tools & Services

I am writing a VBScript which will run on a computer that is not yet a member of the domain but needs to make a query against Active Directory to check a group's membership (as a step in the build process while re-imaging a computer).

The script will have access to the credentials (i.e., user name and password) for a domain user account when it runs.

At the point in the

How can I restrict a user to VPN into a production domain, yet not use Windows Terminal Services to any server in that domain?
by DaleS in Programming Languages

How can I restrict a user (in the development domain) to allow them to VPN into a domain, yet not use Windows Terminal Services to any server in that domain? I need for them to be able to run a client-side Java application (Quest Spotlight, actually) that will connect using Windows Auth to a single production server and display data coming from that production server via the Java GUI interface

Prevent direct access to website on primary domain with multi-domain hosting
by mii in Programming Languages

I recently purchased multi-domain hosting and hosted several domains on my plan. The other domains are hosting on subfolders in my primary domain. So when I go to www.secondarydomain.com it will display the website located at www.primarydomain.com/secondarydomain.

Now what I want to do is prevent direct access when someone tries to access www.primaryd

htaccess deny subfolders from main domain but permit if linked by his own domain
by FodderMK in Development Tools & Services

i have more domains on the same server.
the file system is like this


domain.com is pointing to the / and the other domains are pointing to /folder-for-domains/domain1.com-folder/ or /folder-for-domains/domain2.com-folder

Is dependency injection useful in the domain model when applying Domain driven design?
by onurtopcu in Programming Languages

DDD Newbie question:

I read in a blog somewhere that in a scenario where objects are closely associated with each other in a domain driven design, and where one object based on some complicated business rule is responsible for the creation of a dependent object, in such a design the usefulness of dependency injection is very limited.

Would you agree?

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