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Python Downloader
by George in Coding

So I am trying to write a script to download a picture file with python and I found this def using google but every picture I get it to download comes out "corrupt". Any ideas...

def download(url):
"""Copy the contents of a file from a given URL
to a local file.
import urllib
webFile = urllib.urlopen(url)
localFile = open(url.split('/')[-1]

C#: How to TDD a file downloader
by Wilson Mar in Programming Languages

I would like to create a simple downloading tool. Give it a list of urls, a target directory and hit go. It would then download those files and dump them in the target directory. Simple enough.

But, I would like to practice TDD as well. But how would you do TDD in such an application? I can see 4 main parts of application:

A download task (url + target name, et cetera)
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How to Use YouTube Downloader
by php in Internet
You see a video on Youtube you love and you would like to download it. Here's the best way to do so.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Broadband Internet Connection
Web Browser
Disk Space

Make sure you are connected to the Internet and open up your web browser.
Navigate to the following site: http://www.save2pc.com
Click on the 'Download' link and

What Is a Utorrent Downloader?
by Juice in Computers
MicroTorrent is often called utorrent, because the micro sign used in the name ("u") is not easily reproduced on web pages and impossible in the site's address. MicroTorrent is a file sharing system created by the originators of the BitTorrent protocol. The same company also owns the BitTorrent file sharing system. A downloader on Microtorrent is one of two things: the user who downloads files in

How to Fix the Downloader Trojan
by Ben Humphrys in Computers
Trojan horses, or trojans, are malicious programs that are designed to execute certain undesirable processes in a computer. Trojan viruses are often hosted by spurious websites and infect computers by impersonating useful programs. The Trojan Downloader is an especially harmful pest because it weakens a computer's defenses, making it more susceptible to various other forms of malware, such as viru

How to Remove the W32 Downloader
by foghorn67 in Internet
W32 Downloader is a fake threat that also goes by the name of W32.Trojan.Downloader. W32 Downloader appears in pop-up warnings generated by fake antispyware programs, including XP Antivirus Protection and XP Antivirus 2008. Thus, while you are not actually infected with W32 Downloader, you are infected with a fake antispyware program. Fortunately, you can put an end to these pop-up warnings and re

What Is the Downloader Virus?
by tamizhvendan in Computers
It seems like there is a new virus every other day, with each harder to remove than the next. The Downloader, a Trojan-type virus, is a conduit to greater problems for your computer. It works by exploiting weaknesses in the operating system and Internet browser. MethodThis virus is usually triggered by visiting a malicious website. Often this can happen by accident or through deception by click

What Is Zlob Downloader?
by JoseWalrus in Computers
Zlob Downloader is a Trojan. Trojans are a type of malware (malicious software) designed to attack a computer. Actions can be taken to remove Trojans like the Zlob Downloader. HistoryZlob Downloader was first discovered on April 23, 2005. This Trojan is also known as Zlob.VideoActiveXObject and Trojan-Downloader-Zlob.
FunctionZlob Downloader was designed to allow a hacker or cybercriminal to

What Is a Torrent Downloader?
by Mansur in Computers
A torrent downloader is both a person and an application. The torrent is a file available for file sharing. File sharing means copying a file over a network or the Internet. Downloading is another word for copying a file from a networked location. The downloader is both the person copying the file and the application used to copy that file.

How to Use Moyea Flv Downloader
by Super56K in Computers
FLV is a file format used by Adobe Flash to play video files on web pages. It's used by almost every web page that offers video, as very few pages rely on the Quicktime or Windows Media plugins anymore. Though most websites don't offer explicit FLV download links for their videos, it's still possible to download the videos. The Moyea FLV Downloader allows you to download these videos without ha
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