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Drupal 6: using bitbucket.org for my Drupal projects as a real version control system dummy
by Puddle Jumper in Web Design

Here is a real version control system dummy! proper new starter!

The way I have worked so far:

I have a Drupal-6 web project www.blabla.com and making development under www.blabla.com/beta . I'm directly working on blabla.com/beta on server. nothing at my local, nothing at anywhere else. Only taking backup to local, time to time. I know horrible and not safe way :/


How to config or modify Drupal to completely remove Drupal's login, even for the admin?
by Rineau in Web Design

Here is the background.

I need to have the SAME Drupal website deployed on two servers. The first is for the internet access and we don't want to have any Drupal login for it, not even for admin.

The second server is on our organization's internal network and the Drupal website on this server is just regular one.

What is the elegant way to config/modify Drup

Drupal 7 show page without default Drupal additions to the head and/or body
by peitschie in Programming Languages

I have a fully working stand-alone html page with a table that's being generated by JQuery.
I would like to show this page using a Drupal 7 module without having Drupal populate the head and body of the page. Then I can fill this with the html I have from my stand-alone page and render my table using Drupal and PHP instead of JQuery (table can become large).

I was able to show

Drupal, Lightbox: lightvideo adds “content/” at the beginning of Drupal paths
by ajjaeger in Web Design

I'm using lightvideo in lightbox2 to load my own video player.

I've just realized that lightbox is adding "content/" at the beginning of the video player path causing a "file not found" error.

In the drupal settings the correct path is set, so I'm wondering how to fix this and how to remove the initial "content/" path.

Update. In html code, the element has t

How to invite Facebook, twitter, gmail, Yahoo friends in drupal 7 to join drupal site
by damomurf in Web Design

I have to invite Facebook, twitter, gmail, Yahoo friends in drupal 7 to join drupal 7 site. I have searched drupal module for that but did not found any module. Is there any module to perform this above task. Or any other way that i can perform to complete this task anyone know please let me know.

Thank you,
Rahul Barge

is there a drupal module that enables a live chat in a drupal site?
by Vijayant Singh in Web Design

is there a drupal module that enables a live chat in a drupal site?

Drupal 6: Drupal Themer gives same candidate name for different type of content types
by Chennai in Web Design

I'm a drupal newbie...

I have different type of contents like News, Events, etc. and their content is different. News detail page has title-content text-date. but Events detail page has title-date-content text-location-speaker-etc. So I need different layout page for these different types. So, I enabled Drupal Themer to get a candidate name. for events page, it gave me page-node.tpl

Importing content from one/two Drupal installs into a fresh Drupal install
by Indiana in Databases

We're upgrading a large site, opendemocracy.net, from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 6. Our existing install has a lot of superfluous tables in the database from once-used modules we won't be using: ideally, we wouldn't keep these, or our old blocks, etc. This is because: (a) it'd be nice to keep the database as small as possible, (b) it'd be nice for new blocks to start at ID 1, etc., (c) as clean an in

In What table in Drupal is the current version of core (Drupal) stored?
by bkircher in Databases

In What table in Drupal is the current version of core (Drupal) stored? I'm looking for a string like 6.2.3.

I don't see it in the system table.

Drupal 7 programming advancements, differences from Drupal 6 upgrade or wait
by joth in Web Design

I was just wondering if there were any changes in the Drupal 7 code that effect server load and speed for large sites.

Also, with 7 nearing beta release, should I wait to build the sites with Drupal 7? I'm a future kinda guy. I would like to be able to develop Drupal sites for a freelance business I am owner of, and would like to start soon. Is Drupal 7 accepted enough to be develop

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