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How to Set Up Dual Monitors With Dual Crossfire Video Cards
by Ryland in Computers
Crossfire technology was released by ATI (now part of AMD) in 2005. It allowed multiple graphics processors, located on different graphics cards, to be used together to increase overall graphical performance. With two Crossfire video cards, you can set up a second monitor to act as an extension or exact duplicate of your desktop. To do so, let the graphics software know how you want to use the sec

The Difference Between Dual-Core & Dual Processors
by rhinojosa in Computers
At first glance, it may seem as if there would be little difference between a dual-core processor system and a dual processor system. However, there are substantial differences in how these two systems operate. HistoryDual-core processors have been around since Intel unveiled the first Pentium dual-core product in 2006. Dual processor systems have been in existence for decades, but mostly in en

Dual Core Vs. Dual Processor
by cbridi in Computers
Computer programs and games are constantly improving and require more processing power than ever before. Running high demand applications with a dual CPU system can increase performance. When choosing a dual CPU system, there are two options--dual processors or dual core. Both options will increase performance over a single CPU; however, there are differences between the two. HistoryDual pr

jQuery, jQuery UI, and Dual Licensed Plugins (Dual Licensing)
by Soapy Bones in Programming Languages

OK I have read many posts regarding Dual Licensing using MIT and GPL licenses. But Im curious still, as the wording seems to be inclusive. Many of the Dual Licenses state that the software is licensed using "MIT AND GPL". The "AND" is what confuses me.

It seems to me that the word "AND" in the terms, means you will be licensing the product using both licenses. Most of the pos

How to Program a Dual Star and Dual Program Sprinkler Timer
by Vlad Sirenko in Home & Garden
A Dual Star timer is a sub-brand of timer for lights and sprinkler systems created under the Orbit brand. Both systems work similarly, and the dual programming option simply means it is possible to set the timer to go off at different times of the day or week. The key to programming the timer is to make sure it is set to come on at the desired time of day. This requires that you program the correc

Are AMD Dual Cores Faster Than Intel Dual Cores?
by Techhog in Computers
A recent advance in computing is affordable dual core chips. The vast majority of desktop dual core chips come from either Intel or AMD. Both manufactures offer a wide variety of solutions for both desktop and laptop computers. IntelIntel offers a full line of dual core processors for servers, desktops and laptops. The top end Core I7 clocks at 3.06 Gigahertz (GHz). Central Processor Unit price

What Is the Dual Action of a Dual Action Sander?
by cmt95 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Dual-action sanders are a cross between a belt sander and a disk sander, but they should not be confused with either one. A dual-action sander is a very versatile power tool that can perform some of the same functions as the other two sanders, but it is not intended as a substitute for either one. A comparison of the three can clearly show the differences. Belt SanderBelt sanders run a belt of

What Is a Dual LLC?
by apaunchev in Business
A limited liability company (LLC) is a special type of business structure that falls somewhere between a partnership and a corporation. It can be taxed on a pass-through basis, meaning that the business itself does not pay tax, and the profits are taxed as the personal income of the owners. The structure can also offer limited liability, meaning owners cannot be held personally responsible for the
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What Is Dual DIN?
by soup006 in Electronics
Dual DIN is a car stereo size. DIN, for Deutsche Industrie Normen, defines a standard size of the radio on your dashboard; dual DIN is a larger size, fitting into a bigger slot. The terms developed back in the 1980s, drawing on German engineering standards. Whether you buy DIN or dual DIN depend not only on what you want in a radio, but what will fit in your car. HistoryUp until the 1980s, car
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How to Unlock a G3 Dual SIM
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Electronics
Dual SIM cell phones take cell phone convenience to a higher level by enabling you to have more than one phone number on your mobile device. By unlocking your phone from your primary service provider, you can use your device on all networks, thereby making your phone more convenient still.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Find your IMEI number by entering the code *#06# on your phone's keypad and pre
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